Penguin Rep Theater Presents Donald Margulies' Imaginative "Shipwrecked!"

Shipwrecked! plays at the Penguin Rep Theater from Aug. 12 through Sept. 4

Once again, Penguin Rep amazes their audience.

Donald Margulies' Shipwrecked!—otherwise known as Shipwrecked! An Entertainment: The Amazing Adventures of Louis de Rougemont (as told by himself)—is a tale of adventure and life told by the very man who experienced it.

The play brings up the theme of truth, asking what exactly is true or fiction and, in the end, does it really matter?

The cast shines throughout the production, flawlessly dancing from character to character, switching roles seamlessly. Edena Hines and David Arkema are a formidable team, performing every role except Mr. de Rougemont himself, masterfully portrayed by Steven Hauck.

Hauck is mesmerizing. The 90-minute show feels like a 20-minute conversation. His quirky portrayal of his younger self is reminiscent of Corky, from the movie Waiting for Guffman, but is serious enough that the audience never wants to mock him.

By the time Rougemont finds his way back to civilization, Hauck has everyone cheering for him, which is crucial to drive home the underlying message of the show.

Hines and Arkema are the backbone to the performance, slipping in and out of Hauck's monologues with ease, keeping even the somber moments of the show quick-paced and light.

With an ingenius lighting design by Cory Pattak complimenting the beautiful set design by Sarah Lambert, Shipwrecked! is as pleasing to the eye as the performance of the cast is to your soul.

Penguin Rep's Shipwrecked! is a great performance for any age group. Children will be intoxicated with the imaginative storytelling and adults can appreciate Rougemont's life story and his struggles.

Shipwrecked! plays at the Penguin Rep Theater from Aug. 12 through Septs 4. Tickets are $34, with discounts for groups and young people.

A special reduced-priced weekday matinee performance will take place on Friday, Aug. 12 at 2 p.m., for $17 a ticket.

For more information or to order tickets, call 845-786-2873 or visit www.penguinrep.org.


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