Should Pitchers Wear Helmets? [POLL]

An A's pitcher suffered major injuries this week after being hit by a come-backer.

Oakland A’s starting pitcher Brandon McCarthy was struck in the head by a line drive off he bat of Erick Aybar, of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, during Wednesday’s game.

McCarthy sat up and moved around after being hit, and even walked off under his own power after being taken out of the game. He was brought to a nearby hospital, where he underwent “two hours of surgery to relieve pressure on his brain late Wednesday night,” according to the Associated Press. Various reports came out after the surgery that McCarthy suffered a fractured skull, brain contusion and bleeding within the head.

A's athletic trainer Nick Paparesta was asked if the situation is life-threatening, according to the same AP report, and Paparesta said all procedures involving the brain are life-threatening as at any moment there could be a complication. In that same AP report early Saturday morning, Paparesta also said “McCarthy got out of bed three times, sat up in a chair, ate solid foods, recognized visitors, and although he can talk, he isn't talking yet because of continued pain.”

McCarthy is one of the most popular MLB players on Twitter, and he updated his account Saturday afternoon for the time time since being hit. McCarthy, who is well known on social media for his sense of humor, tweeted, “The good news in all of this, is that I set up my fantasy lineups beforehand. So there shall be no excuses at this point.” 

The incident has brought back up the discussion of whether or not pitchers should be forced, or at least allowed, to wear protective head gear while on the mound. Options are something similar to a batting helmet, or the face masks worn by youth softball players.

Do you think major league pitchers should start wearing protective head gear?

Teleman September 09, 2012 at 01:46 PM
The new helicopter-parent generation will soon eliminate ALL risk for their little children- and without risk and uncertainty, what is life?
sayitsnotsojack September 09, 2012 at 02:00 PM
Use a pitching machine it will stop pitchers from being beaned and speed up what has to be one of the most boring slow games in sport.
babypotato September 10, 2012 at 03:30 PM
good suggestion.......but perhaps fielding a team made up completely of robots, or failing that, trained apes, would be even better
Brian Krall October 22, 2012 at 01:36 AM
How often have pitchers actually been hit on the head by line drives this season? Is this really a serious problem? [I'm seriously asking. Perhaps I'm missing something?] Personally, I'm not too interested in discussing risk. We all take risks everytime we leave the safety of our homes! I'm wondering about an actual PROBLEM. You know, I think it's interesting, alcohol is attributed to 75,000 deaths a year in the United States. Alcohol is apparently a HUGE risk and a REAL problem for us all! But if one were to suggest a manditory prohibition to cut down this number and reduce the risks and impact on our society I'm pretty sure people would be ready to riot! Are we SERIOUSLY discussing manditory helmets on pro baseball pitchers??? Sheesh... I think that most athletes understand the risks in their chosen sports and so I guess I would like to hear what THEY have to say about this. Frankly, I don't really care what their mothers have to say on the subject.


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