Jonah Gorevic of Rye Sets New Record for the Mile by a 10-Year-old

10-year-old Rye resident Jonah Gorevic ran the mile in less than 5 minutes and 2 seconds.

Jonah Gorevic of Rye. Photo credit: USATF and @notafraid2fail
Jonah Gorevic of Rye. Photo credit: USATF and @notafraid2fail
Talk about fast! Congratulations to Jonah Gorevic of Rye, who set a new record in the mile for a 10-year-old, running the distance in a time of 5:01.55.

Gorevic set the new mark Saturday during the Adidas Grand Prix track event at Icahn Stadium in New York.

His incredible time was all the more impressive because he broke the previous record by close to 4 seconds.

According to NBC Sports, Gorevic's coach, Carl Curran, believes Gorevic could break 5 minutes if the conditions are right, namely less windy and cooler temperatures.

"I was thinking that the 71.5 [seconds for the first 400m lap] was out a little bit fast," Curran told NBC Sports. "We were hoping at around a 73. But he maintained his middle two laps, which was the really tough ones, and he brought it home in a 73. He had an amazing race. I’m really proud of him." 


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