Iona College Students Debate the Debate

The students watched the debate and then participated in a Patch-moderated panel discussion.

About 65 Iona College students laughed, cheered and applauded during the second presidential debate Wednesday.

The students paid close attention to what both President Barack Obama, who is seeking a second term, and former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney, the Republican challenger, said during the town hall-style debate, moderated forcefully by CNN's Candy Crowley.

The debate viewing party and panel discussion, which was led by New Rochelle Patch, was held in the LaPenta Student Union Building and was sponsored by the Office of Student Development, the Political Science Department, the Model UN, Democracy Matters, the Student Government Association and the Ionian.

Interestingly, the first question out of the box was about college students facing a tough job market when they graduate.

Senior Chrisanne Karcich, an international studies major, was glad that topic was addresses so early in the evening.

"Personally I am not looking to go to grad school," she said, "and I will be looking for a job.

"I feel like they are saying, yeah, we are going to create jobs," Karcich said, but neither candidate offered details on how it would be accomplished.

The students on the discussion panel agreed that a lack of details was a recurring theme through the evening.

Joelle Cheatem, a sophomore majoring in political science, said Romney said he knew what it takes to create jobs, but Obama addressed the issue by talking about needing people who are trained for higher paying jobs.

"One thing about America is we don't have enough people for these higher paying jobs," he said. "People just aren't qualified to get in those jobs."

CJ Funaro, a sophomore business major, said people should examine the facts presented by both candidates.

"Gov. Romney said we are going to crack down on China," he said, "and make it a level playing field so we are not losing those highly intellectual jobs to overseas," as well as the lower paying jobs.

Kenny Reischman, a sophomore mass communication major, thought both candidates left average viewers in the dust by speaking jargon, such as Dobb-Frank, the Wall Street reform bill. He felt they should have found ways to discuss the topics that people could relate to.

"Mitt Romney said it (Dodd-Frank) like the back of his hand," he said, but one thing Obama said crystallized Reischman's thoughts on the Keystone XL pipeline, the proposed pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast.

"The president said we've built enough pipeline to wrap around the earth," Reischman said. "I think that's all he needed to say."

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Billy October 17, 2012 at 05:59 PM
But Molly, isn't it the president's job to get something done, find something in common? Even I could do that, but not Obama? And the House isn't changing, so what then? 4 more years of nothing? That's a sad commentary especially when Obama had super-majorities in both houses of congress for 2 years. What happened? Maybe Obama should have focused on the economy instead of healthcare? I don't know but we need a different direction now as we're headed down the wrong road and I'm sure you've heard of the fiscal cliff? What's Obama going to do about that? Why doesn't he have plans? If he can't work with anyone but his own party, we're doomed. I just don't see anything changing w/Obama as president for another 4 years, just more gridlock. But hey what do I know, the unemployment rate is down to 7.8% so I guess every american looking for a job has one or should be able to find one, things are going great. I just wish you'd call my mortgage lender and explain that to them.
zana October 18, 2012 at 08:09 AM
That what exactly republicans wish to accomplish and counting on: The people's defeat! It is a psychological game they are playing with us. They are stating, elect him one more time and we are going to be fearless and pour our money to make him regret he was elected. They don’t want to pay higher taxes but they are willing to pay $100 million for Romney’s campaign. So, Billy it starts right there. We, the little people, get defeated and they win. And they take over the government to get more money from us and get us in a bigger mess. They brought down not only the American economy Billy, but the world economy. And they want to pursue the same path, and we are going to let them do it, because we are easily defeated by their bullying. Did you like Romney’s bold behavior in both debates? I guess you did because it showed power to you and to many people. This is how they are going to rule Billy: by bullying us. Do you remember the fear they inflicted in us at the beginning of Bush administration? And now it is a different kind of fear, very sophisticated: the fear you and many other have and that you express in your comments.
zana October 18, 2012 at 08:14 AM
( continuing) Billy, what have been the options for employment for people in Midwest for the last 12 years but army? Why? Because, there are no more plants and factories around there! Isn’t that sad? What does that show? That we are becoming a military state because the rich wants to be richer and ship our jobs overseas? Look at the labels on the products we buy: Made in China! There is not one product that say made in USA (beside some cars). This is the future we are looking forth: employment in the army and the lead in our children’s toys made in china? Otherwise, how Romney is going jobs for the average American people?
zana October 18, 2012 at 08:14 AM
( continuing) And the other sad part is that we are complaining against Mexicans, but no American wants to do the jobs they do, because we are used to have better paying jobs, those in factories and plants with good benefits. So what do we do: instead of taking over the jobs Mexicans do, we sign up in Army instead, because that pays very well indeed? And that is sad too! We, a great nation, whose citizens moved decades ago from the low paying jobs, face what alternatives for employment in the future? Boogey financial institutions, aaand the army? Why the republicans don’t have some patriotic feelings in them and try to fix the wrong they did the last decades? Even here, they are moving the financial institutions from NY to Utah and laying off people, because of low paying incomes and lower rents for their buildings there. Is that Obama’s fault? So what do we do Billy? Give up and let them do the same thing they did that got us in this mess that is so difficult to straighten out without a bring together in the round table of republicans and democrats for the sake of this great Nation, United State of America?
Billy October 18, 2012 at 12:22 PM
Talk about being confused & misled & misguided, I only hope you're not an Iona student, for if you are they've done a horrible job.


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