My Middle School Life - Today we have Sandy Turkey for Lunch

Sandy and Thanksgiving and Turkey and More!

Sorry for not posting in a while, school is getting harder.  Plus, there have been a lot of otherwise interesting things to do in school and out of school.

A teacher at "Albert Young Middle School" took a survey last week of all his students.  Surprisingly, 75% of the kids did not have turkey for Thanksgiving.  Tacos were a popular meal for them.  I had turkey, and lots of it. I don’t get it, how could you not have turkey on Thanksgiving? 

Another thing that I don’t get is, how, like a bad dream, all my friends and classmates went on a class trip – the bus came and took them away for the day – and I was stuck back at school in empty classrooms, watching videos.  How did that happen?  Did I miss something?  Was there some permission slip I missed?  Maybe it was about the turkey?  Not sure. 

I hope Hurricane Sandy didn't hit you too hard. Where I live, I didn't get flooded (phew) but our power went out. Having no power for a few days really made me appreciate electricity.  At some point I started counting how many times I hit the light switch, even though there was no power.  I stopped counting when I did it 30 times.  I had to study for the ACTHS test by candlelight, which sounds nice, but makes it really hard to read.

Because of Hurricane Sandy, it was a disappointing Halloween.  The holiday wasn't officially cancelled but we were turned away, even at houses with porch lights on.  At one house two girls left in full costume to go trick-or-treating, but said "no, we are not handing out candy here" and heading off on their merry way.  It was absolutely ridiculous.  Another thing that I found very weird was that at this one house the door was open and a man was standing near it. Sounds perfectly normal right? Well once we got up all the steps that lead to his house, he said "No Candy!" and slammed the door in our faces. Our pillowcase candy bags were very empty.  Don't even ask me about the Halloween Dance at "Albert Young." 

At school they have this new idea called "separate lunches". They separate people by their last names so A-L and M-Z. All of my friends (of course) happen to have their last names begin with A-L and mine begins with an "S". Also (perfectly) all of the bad kids are in my lunch as well. So I went to complain to my Guidance Counselor.  She has lunch when I have lunch, so she's never there in her office which is unfortunate. So I went with the next best thing, I signed the petition to "Unify the Lunches"! It got most of the kids in my grades votes and a lot in the other grades as well -- hundreds of signatures. But unbelievably it went unnoticed to the administration. So then many students began to switch lunches. Since all the popular kids were in my lunch, everybody came to my lunch, which resulted in HUGE lunch lines and MASSIVE crowds outside. But of course, none of my friends came over. After a while, I considered switching so one day I decided to eat my lunch then go to the bathroom when we were supposed to go outside and walk back in when the other lunch was eating. Except that the principal came in when we were eating and said that if you switched lunches you could be suspended. I didn't want to be suspended, so I stuck to signing petitions. I'll let you know if anything changes.  This policy is very unpopular with the kids and I think they are not giving up.

On a final weird note, we learned about figures of speech in class.  One of my friends came up with a new oxymoron, "Thank God I'm an atheist!"  That is the most interesting oxymoron so far in class.

Oh, in case you were wondering, Thomas lost the election unfortunately, and it just so happens that Bob won!

Thanks for reading :)

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