My Middle School Life - On the Phone in Clown Shoes

Christmas and Latin and Phones and More!

Christmas was great!  Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.  I finally got a phone.  When I got it, I was shocked.  I should have guessed it.  On my Christmas list I put phone in between every other entry.  But still I was really surprised.  What was I going to do with it?  Who would I call?  People were giving me their phone numbers.  Was I expected to text message them?  My dad said that I was responsible for 10 cents per text message.  I found out that I would have to pay even when people sent me a text message, not just when I sent out text messages.  That is a rip off.  I don't know how to handle it.  Back at school, most of my friends had asked for basketball shoes.  And they got them.  One of my friends got three pairs.  I think they cost over $100 each.  To me they are really bright and look like clown shoes.  They come in red, green and bright blue.  Anyway, they all already had phones.  Now they have fancy shoes.

At Christmas mass, my dad, who does not often attend mass, went up for the host.  Possibly due to his inexperience, he dropped it.  He actually dropped the small round host!  We didn't notice, but he said people around him noticed.  He did not follow the 5 second rule, and put it in his pocket.  He later told us of his predicament.  What should he do with the host?

A friend of mine works at his family restaurant—a Japanese steakhouse—after school.  Ironically, his locker was dented and he forgot his combination.  Finally he decided to fix it.  He brought five or more tools to fix his locker — a hammer, wrench, pliers, etc.  Then he set to work on it.  We were watching him struggle.  Suddenly the security guards appeared out of nowhere and dragged him away.  He got five days suspension.  In addition to the tools in his backpack, he had his work knives, too.  What a mess. 

Our new Latin teacher continues to frustrate the entire class.  We were assigned a presentation project.  My partner Juan and I handed in the written portion two weeks ago.  There was no time for us to give our presentation.  After vacation she said it was our turn to present.  We asked her for our papers back so we could present.   She left them at home.  We said we couldn't give a presentation without our paper.  She got visibly upset with us and threatened us with a failing grade.  We were really confused.  How could we give a presentation without our paper?  She said we should have made a copy.  We sat there in confusion for five minutes and the bell rang.  That night I printed it out twice.  She let us present the next day.  She seems to have settled down and hopefully we won't fail.  Sheesh!  We miss the other guy!  Why did he leave to teach in California anyway?

By the way, when you drop the host, according to the Internet, you are supposed to let it dissolve in a bowl of water, then spill the water on the ground outside where no one will ever step.  That is what we did.

There was this person in my 1st period today who talked in a British accent all day, he freaked all the teachers out and was really good at it.

My sister Alison apparently has a knack for clay making. In fact, she even made a  Narwal out of Clay.

Happy New Year!!

Thanks for reading :)

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