Westchester Police Endorse Bill Villanova for Assembly

The Affiliated Police Association of Westchester has announced their support of Villanova.

From Villanova's campaign: Today, Rye Town Deputy Supervisor Bill Villanova (R-91), has received the endorsement of the Affiliated Police Association of Westchester County.  

The APA represents over twenty police organizations throughout Westchester County and advocates for measures that will help keep Westchester safe.  “I’m proud to have endorsed Bill Villanova to continue to help make Westchester a great place to live and work,” stated APA President Robert Caralyus.  “Bill Villanova has a real understanding of our communities and needs.  

Our list of endorsed candidates shows that real law and order is not a partisan issue; it takes teamwork to protect our families and I trust that Bill will continue to work hard and do what is best for all of the police organizations in Westchester County.”  

“I am proud and honored to have received the endorsement from the APA” stated State Assembly candidate Bill Villanova.

“There should never be anything political about the welfare of our families and the safety of our communities. Law Enforcement Officers understand teamwork, overcoming obstacles and the importance of bringing safety and security to the neighborhoods we live in. This is similar to the NYS Senate and Assembly; if there is any chance for government reform, tax and mandate relief and economic development, it will only happen when we can reform Albany and send the career politicians packing... and I’m honored the police of Westchester think I’m the man for the job!... Mr. Villanova, concluded.       

The Affiliated Police Association of Westchester County was incorporated in 1989. Our organization was started by 5 PBA Presidents and has grown to over 53 strong representing over 10,000 members. We work together to build a strong PBA' across the county and provide a forum for PBA’s to discuss situations across their boundaries. We are a strong voice in Westchester County and Albany for issues concerning law enforcement. Our options and recommendations count!  Bill Villanova is the Deputy Supervisor for Rye Town and is serving his second term on the Town Council. He led the fight to increase transparency and implement best business practices in municipal government. Rye Town has realized year-over-year benefits like reduced spending and responsible budgeting since Bill was elected in 2005. In addition Rye Town Taxes have been reduced each of the past 3 years.  


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