Small New Rochelle Protest Aimed at Romney

The New Rochelle protest was part of a nationwide effort to highlight Romney-Ryan fiscal policies.

Members of moveon.org hit the streets Thursday to let people know what they think of Republicapresidential and vice presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. One New Rochelle man passed out flyers in front of the New Rochelle Post Office.

"Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the 1-percenter's dream team, but they'd be a nightmare for the poor and middle class," said New Rochelle resident John Mulqueen in a prepared statement. "We're distributing these pink slips so voters know just how much harm Romney and Ryan's flawed trickle down theory would do to the economy, and how many jobs they would kill."

The flyers are called pink slips by the organization which hoped to distribute 1 million around the nation on Thursday.

The flyers urged voters to tell Romney & Ryan they are fired, citing among other things the belief that the candidates want to raise taxes on the middle class, something Mitt Romney denied in a Fortune magazine interview.

Another "possible reason for termination," according to the pink slip, was that Romney, as CEO of Bain Capital, was "an outsourcing pioneer" and would propose policies making it easier for corporations to send jobs overseas.

At www.mittromney.com/truth, the candidate cites FactCheck.org as stating they could find no evidence that Romney shipped jobs overseas while he was still running Bain Capital.

Mulqueen said he was expecting two other volunteers to help pass out the flyers, but only one other showed up as he was walking down North Avenue to Main Street.

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Marjorie Morales August 18, 2012 at 02:38 AM
Of course mitt.romney.com/truth and mitt romney in an article in Fortune says the things mentioned are not so. Mitt is a big liar and both those fact checks were from his mouth or his org. The pink slips tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing else. If you are going to try and refute the truth at least have independent sources.


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