[POLL] What's Your Opinion On the Supreme Court Upholding Affordable Health Care Law

Obamacare key provision found to be constitutional.

The U.S. Supreme Court this morning upheld President Obama's Affordable Care Act, and reaction is pouring in from across the nation.

Pundits and politicians alike are already heralding the decision as a major political boon to Obama, whose supporters were concerned that an overturn of the law, or just the individual mandate, would harm the president's re-election bid this year.

What's your opinion on today's decision? Take today's New Rochelle Patch Poll.

jeff meyer June 29, 2012 at 12:36 AM
The SCOTUS decision regarding the affirmation of the Affordable Care Act is certainly a step in the right direction. However, with approximately 50 million uninsured American is does not go far enough. The USA needs a single payer, universal health coverage system that ensures that all individuals living in the USA has access to quality health care. In the manner which public education is a right. The same should go for health care. It seems to work for every western industrialized nation and Israel. Why not here? JM Tuckahoe, NY
Billy L June 29, 2012 at 01:30 PM
You feel health care is a basic human right? Try telling the doctor that spent 300K educating himself and setting up his practice that it's your right to be treated, essentially claiming as a right a portion of his likelihood and expecting someone else to pay for it. I don't feel access to healthcare is a right. I feel it's a good/service that needs to be purchased on the open market place. I would never display such arrogance claiming I have a right to a service that other people have to provide. That's called slavery. Our country guarantees use the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not free services. Europe does have similar health care plans but they also do not have state income taxes and sales taxes the same way we have them. We will end up paying more for less.
Theresa Kump Leghorn June 29, 2012 at 02:45 PM
Here's the problem with your argument, ArTDecoPlayLand: Even if you don't think of health care as a basic human right, everyone participates in the health care system. People who are not insured still go the emergency room and get treated, and who ends up holding the bag? You and me. People of all political persuasions can agree that the health care system in this country is broken and needs repair: Costs are out of control and families who can't afford necessary care face bankruptcy. That's why it was the conservative Heritage Foundation that helped develop this health care reform, and Republican Gov. Romney who implemented it first in Masssachusetts. Under President Obama's Affordable Health Care Act, 30 million people now have access to health insurance and lower premiums, insurers can no longer discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions, young adults can stay on their parents plans up to age 26, small businesses that provide coverage to their employees get tax credits, and Medicaid has been extended to guarantee that our most vulnerable population has access to affordable, comprehensive coverage.


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