New Rochelle Marina Fees Go Up

Residents of New Rochelle will continue to pay less than non-resident users.

Boaters will be paying more when the season starts in 2013 because the fees at the New Rochelle Municipal Marina are going up.

The City Council voted to raise the rates for storage at the public marina during 2013 budget discussions.

Parks and Recreation Commissioner William Zimmermann said the rates as adopted were different from what were proposed.

"What we ended up with was a composite of fee increases," he said, adding that is remains a two-tiered system, with one rate for New Rochelle residents and another for non-residents.

Zimmermann said he still believed that, as a public marina, the residents of New Rochelle deserved to get a break in costs, as opposed to what non-residents pay.

"Residents will be paying 3.5 percent more up to 10 feet," Zimmermann said, referring to the length of the boat.

For boats 12 feet to 21, residents will pay $63—up from $61—for the first 10 feet, per foot. For the next 11 to 21 feet, residents will pay $74 per foot.

For boats 22 feet or over, residents will pay $85 per foot for the first 10 feet and then $101 per foot for the next 11 feet and over.

Non-residents will pay $3 more—or $98—per foot for boats 12 to 21 feet and $4.50 more—or $134.50—per foot for boats 22 feet or over.

A list of the changes in fees is attached to this article.

Zimmermann said that now that the budget has been adopted his department can write and send out the annual renewal letter.

He said by March he will be able to determine whether the current users of the marina will be paying for their slips in the spring.


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