New Rochelle Last Chance: City Council Meets

Here is something you probably need to know about.

The New Rochelle City Council will meet at 3:45 p.m. Wednesday—yes, Wednesday—for its regular Committee of the Whole meeting. Plus, there's a public hearing and Citizens to Be Heard.

A presentation by the New Rochelle Citizens' Panel will lead off the afternoon. They've been working since the first of the year to come up with recommendations of ways the city can cuts costs and increase revenue. The city faces a projected three-year budget gap of $29 million, which, if nothing is done about it, could be either massive tax hikes or drastic cuts in services.

After the presentation, the council will review legislation it will likely act on its regular legislative meeting at 7 p.m. Sept. 19—yes, another Wednesday. Don't worry, the council goes back to its Tuesday schedule in October.

At 7:30 p.m., interested parties will have the opportunity to tell the City Council what they think of the proposal to grant a special permit so , a restaurant on Pelham Road, can get a cabaret license. 

Following the public hearing will be Citizens to Be Heard, a chance for public comment on any subject. Based on the length of the Citizen's Panel presentation, the council could resume reviewing the legislation, unless it able to get everything accomplished before its dinner break.

The entire council meeting can be seen on Cablevision Channel 75 or Verizon FIOS Channel 28. The city's Web site archives all meetings as well as simulcasts them.


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