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Local races and results:

Unofficial results as of 11:45 p.m. Results are not 100 percent of the total vote.

U.S. House of Representatives, District 16
422 districts reporting out of 545, 77 percent 

Candidates # of votes Percentage of vote Eliot Engel (D) 73,870 68 Joseph McLaughlin (R) 32,982 30 Joseph Diaferia (Green) 1,408 1


New York State Assembly, District 91
84 districts reporting out of 103, 81 percent 

Candidates # of votes Percentage of vote Steve Otis (D) 19,283 65 William Villanova (R) 10,384 35


New York State Senate, District 37
260 districts reporting out of 318, 81 percent 

Candidates # of votes Percentage of vote Bob Cohen (R) 39,771 45 George Latimer (D) 47,802 55


New York State Assembly, District 88
123 districts reporting out of 140, 87 percent 

Candidates # of votes Percentage of vote Amy Paulin (D) 30,672 100


Brenda Sue Sutton sat in her winter coat and hat at the polling place located in Davis Elementary School. While the lights were on, there was no heat in the gymnasium where the voting was taking place.

"They are supposed to bring in some generators this evening," the poll chairwoman said.

In spite of the cold, Sutton said the voting has gone smoothly.

"We've been extremely busy," she said. "Busy, but flowing."

Sutton speculated that, since much of the surrounding area is still without power, people were getting to the polls earler than normal

"What happens when the sun goes down," she said. "There are lots of trees down and wires. People won't want to go out in that."

Jim Mahon, an attorney with the Republican Committee and a poll watcher, said he was impressed with the jobs that the poll workers did under less than optimal circumstances.

"What's important to emphasize is the dedication of the election inspectors of all the districts we visited," he said. "They are the heroes of this election. They have been operating under very diffucult conditions and a lot of these people are been working since 5 this morning."

EDITOR'S NOTE: Chris Eberhart contributed to this report.


Incumbent NY State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins will be watching the election results live with Westchester County Democrats at the Crown Plaza Hotel in White Plains tonight.

Stewart-Cousins, who is running unopposed, represents Rivertowns, Tarrytown-Sleepy Hollow, Scarsdale, White Plains and part of New Rochelle.


New Rochelle residents crowded into the Doyle Senior Center on Davis Avenue Tuesday to cast their votes in the general election. While there was no line and people were able to zip through if they lived in District 26, residents of District 25 had to wait on line at times 15 deep before they mark their ballots.


Voting was light at midday at the New Rochelle Public Library. The polls were located in the community meeting room near the Ossie Davis Theater.

Billy November 06, 2012 at 02:39 PM
The choice for the 37th sd is obviously Bob Cohen! Remember, Latimer's against the governors reforms of the pension system and the tax cap. Not satisfied yet? Then don't forget Latimer introduced the legislation to end the original New Rochelle tax cap. Latimer also introduced legislation (and thankfully it didn't pass) to increase New Rochelle residents utility bills & he'll do it again and maybe include a transfer tax so when you sell your property you can send a little to New Rochelle. Not satified yet? Then let's remember Latimer put in all those county DMV surcharges that we pay. And the county mortgage recording tax. And that's not even discussing county property taxes, which went up astronomically under his tenure. Not satisfied? Then let's remember that the teacher's union is funding Latimer's campaign so is anyone surprised he voted against pension reform? So you see, George Latimer is wrong on all the issues for us and Bob Cohen isn't for any of this stuff and he'll fight to keep a lid on taxes and boost the business climate in the state so employers might start coming back to the Empire State. Vote Bob Cohen!
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