Mayor French Update: $4.5 Million to Rebuild Rye

Mayor Douglas French provided an update on important city projects that were discussed during the Jan. 12 workshop.

Rebuilding roads, sidewalks and sewers in and around the downtown and schools will take years to complete and cost millions, but the Rye City Council is determined to "rebuild Rye" in order to improve safety and save money in the long term. They discussed many initiatives at their Jan. 12 strategic workshop that Mayor Douglas French has outlined in the list below of funded projects and their estimated time schedules from the City Planner. 

Most of the projects are expected to begin and/or end within the next two years. The Theodore Fremd Retaining wall is the most expensive project at a cost of $1,640,000.  The project would replace the retaining wall on Blind Brook adjacent to Theodore Fremd Avenue, which was damaged by 2007 floods. It requires the city to acquire private property and is still under review by the New York State Department of Transportation. Additionally, the project requires the relocation of a gas transmission line. The city hopes to begin the work by the 2014 spring construction season.

The least expensive project is the annual sidewalk repair program, which will cost an estimated $50,000. The city expects to award bids for that work in the next couple of months.

The project expected to break ground the soonest is a new sewer line being built across Blind Brook to bypass the city’s falling sewer siphon. Easements across private property are required but the city aims to award bids very soon.

Read the full list of projects and projected timelines in the list below, provided by Rye Mayor Douglas French. The $4.5 million figure is the total of those listed in French's update. 

 Cedar Place Sewer

Project includes replacement of existing failing sewer line in Cedar Street.  Staff is targeting bid awards for the first quarter of 2013. Estimated project cost: $90,000.

Old Milton Road Drain

Project includes replacement of an existing drain line to address stormwater runoff and flooding at the Harbor House.  Bonds have already been issued for this project.  Staff is targeting bid awards for the first quarter of 2013.  Estimated project cost: $200,000.

Central Avenue Bridge

The project is fully funded and construction has begun with completion expected by August 2013.

Annual Street Resurfacing

Bid awards are expected in the second quarter of 2013 for the annual street resurfacing program.  This funding would include the repaving of Boston Post Road between Parsons Street and Library Lane.  Other streets have not been selected at this time, but will be prioritized based on the City’s pavement management system.  Estimated project cost:  $450,000.

Annual Sidewalk Repair Program

Bid  awards  are  expected  in  the  second  quarter  of  2013  for  the  repair and replacement of City-owned damaged or deteriorated sidewalks.  Estimated project cost:   $50,000.

 Hewlett Avenue Pump Station

This project involves replacing the existing pumps at the Hewlett Avenue Pump Station.  The project is currently in design and was partially funded by an EPA grant.  Staff is targeting bid awards in the second quarter of 2013. Estimated project cost: $300,000.

Theodore Fremd Retaining Wall

This project involves the replacement of the retaining wall on Blind Brook adjacent to Theodore Fremd Avenue that was damaged by the 2007 floods.  The project remains under review by the NYSDOT and requires private property easement acquisition.  The project start date is impacted by the required relocation of a gas transmission line is required, which is targeted for the 2014 spring construction season.  Estimated project cost: $1,640,000.

Peck/Midland Avenue Intersection

This funded project includes the implementation of intersection improvements and signal replacement at the Peck and Midland Avenue intersection.  Construction is expected in 2014.  Estimated project cost:  $180,000

Locust Avenue Sewer Improvement

Project includes extending a new sewer line across Blind Brook to bypass the City’s failing sewer siphon.  Project plans are 90% complete and could be ready for bid awards in the first quarter of 2013; however easements across private property are required.  Estimated project cost: $250,000.

 Central Business District Streetscape Improvement

Project includes pedestrian safety and streetscape enhancements to Smith Street and the  Smith  Street/Purchase  Street/Elm  Place  intersection.    Staff will be undertaking design in 2013 and seeking public involvement regarding the selection of the preferred design alternative.  Given the level of design required and limited construction window, project construction is targeted for the summer of 2014.  Estimated project cost: $880,000.

 Boston Post Road Retaining Wall

Project includes replacement of a portion of the failing Boston Post Road Retaining Wall. Design and  property/easement  acquisition  is  expected  in 2013  with construction in 2014.  Estimated project cost:  $300,000.

 Sidewalk and Pedestrian Improvements

The project includes $250,000 in funding for pedestrian improvements in the City. Preliminarily staff has identified the following projects for potential consideration for a 2013 implementation including:

 o   Midland  Crosswalk.    New crosswalk  on  Midland  Avenue at the north            playground of Midland Elementary School.

 o   Milton  Road  Corridor  Improvement.  This project includes intersection           improvements at the Milton Road/Oakland Beach intersection to provide a new     crosswalk and pedestrian signal.

o   Forest Avenue Pedestrian Improvements.  Project includes crosswalks, ADA ramp and sidewalk enhancement in front of Rye Town Park on Forest Avenue at the intersection of Rye Beach Avenue, Oakland Beach Avenue and Dearborn Avenue.

 Pedestrian-Activated Flashing Beacons

This project would involve the installation of Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons (RRFB) at existing un-signalized intersections near existing Rye City Schools.  The signals are pedestrian activated and would serve to alert drivers of pedestrians within crosswalks.  Implementation is optimistically targeted for 2013. 

Milton School Sidewalk Safety Improvement

This project would elevate an existing sidewalk and install a six-inch curb to better separate vehicles from the pedestrian area on Hewlett Avenue adjacent to Milton Elementary School.  Given that construction cannot occur during the school year a summer 2014 implementation is anticipated.

 Theall/Osborn Road Pedestrian Improvement

This project would extend the existing curbs at the Theall Road/Osborn Road intersection to reduce the approximately 90-foot crossing distance by approximately 30%.  Targeted for 2013 pending NYSDOT design review process.

 Five-Points Intersection Improvement

This project would extend the existing curbs on Grace Church Street at its intersection with Midland Avenue.  The existing crossing distance of this signalized intersection is nearly 100 feet and creates a barrier to children walking from the Louden Woods neighborhood to nearby Midland School.  In addition, the project would modify the existing narrow center island in Grace Church Street to provide a pedestrian refuge area.  Implementation is optimistically targeted for 2013 pending NYSDOT review.


Editor's Note: This posting has been adjusted to reflect that the total cost of the projects listed here is approximately $4.5 million.

Bob Zahm February 08, 2013 at 06:52 PM
I thought that the recent grant won by the City (thanks to the Y!) included the Milton School Sidewalk Safety Improvement. I know that this item was included in the bond proposal description put to the public, but I'm wondering if it hasn't been double counted.
Liz Giegerich February 08, 2013 at 09:49 PM
Yes, the Y helped secure a grant that will cover "safe routes to schools" improvements. That grant is for $$223,952. The total in this article is the total cost of the projects, which does not necessarily mean the total cost to local tax payers.


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