Yonkers Man Charged With Attempted Rape and Strangulation

The Yonkers man faces a total of five charges, including attempted rape, two counts of sexual abuse, strangulation and assault charges.


A Yonkers man has been indicted on attempted rape and strangulation charges. Investigators say that 33-year-old Deshawn Manners tried to rape a 53-year-old woman near downtown Yonkers on June 18.

Manners is accused of following the woman from Getty Square to Park Avenue, as the woman walked home. Police say he then attacked her from behind and choked her until she passed out. When the woman woke up, Manners allegedly ripped open her blouse and sexually assaulted her.

Someone heard the 53-year-old woman's cries for help and called police. Police rushed to the scene and say they saw Manners attacking the woman, but he managed to get away.

Investigators were able to connect a DNA sample to Manners. Police arrested the Yonkers man on October 22, after he got out of jail on a separate conviction.

Manners has been charged with: attempted rape, two counts of sexual abuse, strangulation and assault.

“DNA and detective work came together to identify and apprehend this defendant," said Westchester County District Attorney Janie DiFiore. "Although the victim repeatedly attempted to escape, the defendant was relentless in his attack, resulting in serious physical and emotional trauma to the victim.”

Manners is being held without bail. He's due back in court on January 22.


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