Unusual Suspects: Fake Home Invasion; Homeowner Fights Burglar; Suspicious Package

Recent weird and unusual crime in the Hudson Valley. Reports do not indicate a conviction.

Alleged Assault at P'ville Train Station

A 52-year-old male was seen by witnesses approaching a woman talking on her cellphone and then screaming at her while she stood on the Pleasantville train platform. The alleged victim told police she couldn't understand what the man was saying. He then attempted to take her phone and pushed her to the ground, according to reports.

Armored Truck Driver Allegedly Caught Carrying Gun

A Newburgh man driving an armored truck was stopped for speeding by Bronxville police. The police then discovered he was carrying a 357. Magnum Smith and Wesson revolver that he was not licensed to carry. 

Port Chester Woman Faked Home Invasion

A 21-year-old Port Chester woman admitted to faking a home invasion. Police found her tied at the hand and foot to her 3-year-old daughter when they responded to the call. The woman told police about an attack that left her unconscious, but later admitted she staged the event to get her boyfriend's attention. The child was not injured. 

Man Fatally Injured by Tree Limb

A 32-year-old man who was working on a tree at an Airmont residence died after being struck in the head by a large branch that measured approximately 25 feet in length. It appears that the man did not work for a licensed company.   

Stabbing Victim Taken by Taxi to Hospital

A woman who was stabbed in Spring Valley was taken to the hospital by a taxi. Police confirmed she has life-threatening injuries. 

Suspicious Package at Ossining Bank

Emigrant Bank in Ossining was evacuated after a bank employee discovered what seemed to be a suspicious envelope inside the building. Apparently, a powdery substance spilled out of the envelope after it was opened. The Westchester County Police Department's Hazardous Incident Team was called to the scene. After investigators conducted an initial analysis on the substance, they ruled it safe for employees to re-enter the building. Investigators believe the powder was a form of decoration like that which appears on greeting cards. 

Yorktown Homeowner Wards Off Robber

A Yorktown homeowner confronted a burglar who entered his home, fighting with him before the suspect fled on foot and ran into a nearby wooded area. Officers from the Yorktown Police Department, New York State and Westchester County police departments conducted a search for the man and eventually found the suspect. 

Suspected Shoplifter Gets Restrained

A White Plains man suspected of shoplifting at Target gave security officers another problem when he attempted to leave the security office and knocked over a computer. The suspect had to be restrained to prevent him from leaving, which is when the computer was damaged. According to police, two hypodermic needles were found in the man's backpack.


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