Rye Police Department Welcomes New Officer Leila Molle

A press release from Rye City Police Commissioner William Connors.

Leila M. Molle has been appointed to the position of Police Officer in the City of RyePolice Department, effective January 07, 2013. She was sworn in at Rye City Hall on Friday, January 4, 2013.

Police Officer Molle, 28, is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology. A residentof Cortlandt, she follows in a family tradition: her mother, Catherine Johansen, recently retired as a Lieutenant in the Peekskill Police Department, where her stepfather, Eric Johansen, was recently appointed Chief of Police.

Police Officer Molle will be assigned to the Westchester County Police Academy forbasic recruit training, after which she will begin the Department’s field training program, astructured curriculum designed to familiarize newly hired officers with the community andDepartmental procedures under the guidance of experienced officers.

tedc January 17, 2013 at 04:16 PM
A very hearty welcome to Officer Molle. May she thrive here and grow here and be a credit to her family and our town. And please rest assured, we old-timers here are doubly determined that Officer Molle, and the rest of the RPD, will soon get a senior management team that they can fully rely on and be proud of: RYE SENIOR MANAGEMENT – WHEN WORDS NO LONGER MATTER The Rye Police “Investigation” into Rye Golf Club. http://www.lausdeo10580.com/lausdeo10580/2013/01/city-mangr-city-atty-contradict-themselves-on-police-investigation-of-rgc-as-public-learns-police-co.html
RyeDad January 17, 2013 at 06:06 PM
tedc: According to Connors and Pickup, the Rye Detective Division had no one in charge from April 19, 2012, when Verille rear ended a car on 684 in North Castle, until November 2012. It was only after an outside inquiry was made that Connors assigned another Lieutenant to take over for Verille in November. This would mean that Connors was in charge of the Detective Division at the time of the Rye Golf Club investigation that French, Pickup and Wilson have said took place prior to the Rye City Council investigation being initiated. So Connors really did get to investigate not only himself, but his bosses too. One can only assume that given this set of circumstances, this investigation was swift and cleared everyone involved. As far as Connors referral to the District Attorney? I would love to see that! I wonder if the City Council investigators have it yet.


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