Police Blotter: Handbags of Counterfeit Disks Lead to Arrest

A roundup of recent police activity in New Rochelle.

Robbery: On Oct. 14, an 18-year-old Mount Vernon man claimed he was robbed by another man wearing a black hoodie and ski mask at the intersection of Brook Street and Lincoln Avenue. He said his wallet with $20 was stolen, but he refused to cooperate any further.

Assault: On Oct. 15, two Mount Vernon residents, 29 and 25, left at 115 Cedar St. at 4 a.m. and claimed they were followed by eight to 12 Hispanic men who attacked them. The 25-year-old claimed he was chased to the parking lot and was beaten there. He suffered a dislocated shoulder and bruising on his face. The 29-year-old man did not have any serious injuries.

Counterfeiting: On Oct. 15, a police officer noticed Queens resident Yu Jin, 57, was acting suspiciously after she left two handbags behind garbage cans in the parking lot of the CVS at 309 Main St. After an investigation, police said they found 10 counterfeit CDs and 182 counterfeit DVDs. Jin was arrested and charged with first-degree failure to disclose the origin of a recording, a felony; second-degree trademark counterfeiting, a felony; and second-degree sale of unauthorized recording performance, a misdemeanor. No value for the CDs or DVDs was provided.

Robbery: On Oct. 16, 31-year-old Mount Vernon resident Budjohnson Nervil allegedly stole Muscle Milk and Nutrament worth $6 from United Gourmet Deli on 398 North Ave. After he was caught, he allegedly ran out the deli pushing a 54-year-old store clerk. Nervil was arrested at the intersection of Huguenot Street and North Avenue and charged with third-degree robbery, a felony, because of the alleged physical contact with the clerk.

Robbery: On Oct. 16, 14-year-old New Rochelle boy was jumped by three black teenage males on North Avenue. The victim was pushed to the ground and his $100 silver necklace and $10 were stolen. The three teens ran south down North Avenue. The 14-year-old did not sustain any injuries.

Larceny: On Oct. 17, 22-year-old Forest Hills resident Dmitry Deridovich was caught going into an unlocked 2001 Toyota Camry parked at the intersection of Adams and Pratt streets and allegedly ran with $2.70 worth of change. After investigation police found Deridovich worked on 229 Main Street and was arrested there and charged with petit larceny, a misdemeanor.


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