Pearl River's Shine: 'You Never Expect It That Close to Home'

Molly Shine of Pearl River, is a freshman at Boston College. The school cancelled classes and asked students to remain indoors as police hunt for suspects in Monday's bombing at the Boston Marathon.

Molly Shine woke early Friday morning to study for a test, but found a text message waiting for her.

The 19-year-old Boston College freshman, who is from Pearl River in Rockland County, got the notification from the school that classes are cancelled and students are being asked to stay inside.

"They are stressing that we stay indoors," Shine said. "The buildings are not locked. You can go outside. I'm looking out now and no one seems to be outside. Everything is closed. The dining halls. The academic buildings. I think they are doing that to keep us inside and safe." 

The city of Boston is locked down as police hunt for a second suspect in Monday's Boston Marathon bombing. He is believed to be in Watertown. 

"You never expect it to be that close to home," Shine said. "(The campus) seems very controlled. We hopefully know he's in Watertown, but that's the next town over. It's scary. Even Boston is just five miles down the road. It's a sense of nervousness."

Shine, who runs cross country at Boston College, had been to the finish line Sunday night, but she was back at school on race day. The marathon is a major event in Boston.

"I can't speak for other schools, but we had no classes on Marathon Monday," Shine said. "It's a big deal, a huge day."

When Shine heard about the bombings, she went to Twitter to let people know she was ok.

"I thought it was the quickest way to calm everybody," Shine said. "I immediately called my mom and dad. I was the first to tell them. I was able to call them, then Boston kind of shut off cell phone service. No calls were going through. But texts were coming through.

"It was really scary. A celebration turned into something so sad." 

Shine said that many other students were worried about further incidents, but she had gone on with her normal routine. 

"Personally, I didn't think about it much," Shine said. "This morning's events made me realize I should have been more worried about it. They were so close to home. You don't realize how close it is and how you can be affected."

For now, Shine is like many people in Boston and all over. She is watching the news to keep up with the manhunt.

"Everyone's TVs are flipped on and eyes are glued to the news," Shine said. "I'm sure people will be taking the day to get some work done and stay inside."

Is there anyone from New Rochelle in the Boston area? Email michael.woyton@patch.com.


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