New Rochelle Man Missing Truck, Still Has Trailer

A New Rochelle man reported the theft of his truck in Mamaroneck Village.

Although it may seem an unlikely heist, when New Rochelle resident Herman Gramajo came out to his tractor trailer in the early hours of Tuesday morning, he noticed one thing missing: his truck.

Gramajo parked his 2005 Peterbilt Tractor on the 600 block of Waverly Avenue in the Village of Mamaroneck (VOM) Monday night, but when he came out at approximately 4 a.m., the empty trailer was all that remained. 

According to VOM Police Spokeswoman Det. Sandra DiRuzza, the power cords and airlines connecting the truck to the trailer had been disconnected, allowing the unknown bandits to drive away with the cab.

The case is currently under investigation. 


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