New Rochelle Armed Home Invasion Nets 12 Years in Prison for Ringleader

Ralph Redding posed as a pizza deliveryman, hit an occupant of the home; sentence leaves no chance of parole.

A New Rochelle man convicted for his role in an armed home invasion will spend 12 years in state prison.

Ralph Redding, 23, of Horton Avenue, was sentenced Thursday of the crimes that took place in 2010.

A jury trial in November convicted Redding of the following:

  • Two counts of first-degree burglary, class "B" violent felonies
  • First-degree robbery, class "B" violent felony
  • Second-degree robbery, class "C" violent felony
  • Two counts of second-degree assault, class "D" violent felonies
  • Third-degree assault, class "A" misdemeanor

Redding was sentenced to a "determinate term of 12 years in state prison," which means he is not eligible for parole.

Around 12:30 a.m., Dec. 14, 2010, Redding and two co-defendants who previously pled guilty—Chad Jones, 24, and Sean Gray, 22—went to a home at 43 Treno St.

Redding posed as a pizza deliveryman and tricked one of the house's occupants into letting him inside.

Once inside, Redding pointed a handgun at the person. There were four additional people in the living room of the home at the time.

Jones and Gray followed Redding into the home where the men demanded money as well as demanding to be brought to another of the house's occupants who was inside a bedroom on the second floor.

While Redding held the bedroom's occupant at gunpoint, Gray searched the room and found a cashbox containing $800. During the incident, Redding struck and injured the bedroom's occupant with what appeared to be a handgun.

The men left the home with the cash. A subsequent investigation by the New Rochelle Police Department resulted in their arrests: Jones on Jan. 8; Redding, Jan. 17, and Gray, Feb. 3.

On Oct. 19, Jones pled guilty to second-degree attempted robbery, a class "D" violent felony. He was sentenced Jan. 12 to two years in state prison. Gray pled guilty on Oct. 31 to second-degree robbery, a class "C" violent felony. He was sentenced Jan. 12 to four years in state prison.


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