Photos: Hudson River Tugboat Day

Beczak Environmental Education Center hosts famed tugboat Pegasus.

Built in 1907, the 100-foot-long Hudson River Tugboat Pegasus is prone to experiencing some mechanical issues given her age, and so when it finally arrived at the Yonkers City Pier a few hours later than scheduled because of mechanical issues, it wasn't entirely unexpected.

But once the bright red boat was tied up and the gangplank placed on the pier, those who had waited for a chance to take a tour of the vessel weren't disappointed.

The Beczak Environmental Educational Center hosted Hudson River Tug Boat Day which included not only tours and a sail aboard Pegasus, but a chance to learn the history of tugboats on the Hudson River, make a tugboat out of recycled materials, and watch the movie "Little Toot" and the documentary "Tugs."

Berthed at Pier 25 in Manhattan, the Pegasus is owned by the not-for-profit Pegasus Preservation Project and is captained by Pamela Hepburn of Jersey City.

Yonkers Sailor June 25, 2012 at 04:44 AM
i was on the Hudson this day sailing a 30 foot sloop. and i appreciate the efforts of not for profits and to share the knowledge of the river, Its a beautiful river. However i have a few problems. and you have a few problems. 1st i wasn't out there sailing my boat to be in a camera "fish bowl" for the benefit of you or the Yonkers promotions. i was out there to enjoy it and be safe i felt like i was being chased down....and.i was.several times. 2nd i'm not sure who the captain of this vessel was ....clearly they were in control of their vessel at all times. but......when you ended up "pinching" (relative to wind) me into really tight places on several occasions - I'm concerned for my vessel not yours.. what you evidently failed to understand this particular day is the wind on the river was primarily out of the NW. It was also extremely variable, changing velocity and direction within 50 feet and forcing me to either luff up- in order to avoid tacking into you and your vessel, or to fall off the wind - closer to shore than i intended or was safe. Do you realize when i was forced by tour actions to cross your stern at the power plant, your prop was within 4 feet of my hull? all for the sake of photos? channel 13 is the USG frequency for stating your intentions. yes us sailors monitor it. Thank you.


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