The Voice of New Rochelle: Your Elections Are Coming

“The elections are coming, the elections are coming.” In November, New Rochelle will hold a mayoral election. The author wants no part in the outcome and fears past comments will carry too much weight. Residents must be the ones heard.

It’s easy to think that the world of information revolves around you when you work in the media. It is particularly so when your world is right-sized to the great county of Westchester and, more to the point, the friendly confines of New Rochelle.

With that in mind, I hope you will accept my apology in advance if this column seems too presumptuous.

The truth is, Good Morning Westchester, the radio town hall that is my good fortune to host, and my consequent take on things, may well be no more influential than a poster on a telephone poll.

At issue is the upcoming mayoral race in New Rochelle. The goal: That GMW, as we call it at the station, and its current keeper—that would be me—not become a factor in the outcome.

In recent months and weeks, given the nature of the local news, including the arrest and conviction of a school administrator for sexual misconduct with a minor and the more recent indictment of a DPW manager, many calls to the show—and my responses—have centered around the Republican reaction to them, occurring as they are, during a Democratic administration. 

At times, that discussion has distilled down to the behavior and style of Councilman Richard St. Paul, who has assumed the role—titular or otherwise—as the chief spokesman for the opposition, verses that of the Democratic Mayor Noam Bramson, and more recently, City Manager Chuck Strome. 

Both sides have made news for their perceived level of civility or lack thereof. As is required of my role, I have commented on these altercations. But now, Bramson and St. Paul will offer their services to you as your next mayor.   

After Labor Day, the official campaign season will begin for us in the media. But I do not want to wait until then to make these points. So here goes:

Both men deserve your fair scrutiny as well as your best benefit of the doubt that is free from any comments I, or others, might have made while they governed. Here at WVOX, only William O’Shaughnessy, the president and editorial director, makes endorsements, and he does so only after careful consideration.

Noam Bramson, a Democrat, currently holds the office. He is Harvard educated in public policy and was voted in four years ago by a substantial majority. He had held the office two years prior having completed the unexpired term of Tim Idoni.  

Bramson is a gifted public speaker, a skill used often to describe his vision for the future of the city. St. Paul, a Republican serving District 4, is a successful attorney who has represented high profile clients and who has also been invited to the White House as one of the top, upcoming young leaders in the country.

These links are to their biographies:

Bob Marrone is a radio host who will keep his mouth shut the rest of the way, encourage the candidates to do the talking and residents to do the voting. Like they say on Star Trek, he will not interfere with life on the planet.

There is plenty of time. All that is left is for you to make a choice. Call the shows—we hope you do—go to the meetings, study their records, and vote. 

Despite all the wrangling going on in Washington right now over the debt ceiling, this choice has the potential to cost you more in the wallet and more directly impact the quality of your life and those of your children.

Vernon Maurice July 27, 2011 at 05:45 PM
I have been, a resident, for over 50 years. I am getting tired of ALL things, going on here. No INCOME, is in this city. It has been this way, for a very long time. No one shops here anymore. We need Big stores, great restaurants, better waterfront property w/ access and a CLEANER or Garbage-free, place to stroll to. My stomach churns w/ anger. Where is the money to the souls, who were suppose to help[ create a better retail enviroment here. Eastchester, White Plains, Port Chester, Pelham, Rye and Yonkers......... all have, a tax base revenue. We my friends, Do Not! The question is WHY??????????????? What is stopping Business, from being here, on the sound? We need, a Strong Mayor platform. I am a Demorcrat, but I am not a Happy Resident. Please, City Council, City Manager, Mayor, Ass't. City Manager........................................No more giving away the Farm for peanuts, No More,breaks to Schools(Colleges), pay for your Growth. Times have changed forever, everyone must do the same. Clean this City of Garbage(people, politicians, greed and trash) and move toward, a better community. Who else sees this destruction of a Once Beautiful City? No more BANDAIDS, surgery is needed, somehow, to rid this Great City of the Cancer of Dispair. City Fathers, we are not "HAPPY"! Change or we will change, this House of Sorrow!
Martin Sanchez August 01, 2011 at 03:28 PM
Thanks Bob for providing an insight of how difficult it will be to be moderately centrist and inspired in this upcoming mayoral race. You have two candidates who have different world-views on local government, transparency and understanding of the two New Rochelles. I do hope that leading up to Election Day that they will provide a clear understanading of what is essential in good government and a meaningful range of honest discourse. The days of sound bites are over. No more of "we live in a diverse community" mumbo jumbo. Let's get on with it an discuss issues that affect & impact working class people of New Rochelle..
Bob Marrone August 02, 2011 at 05:25 PM
Vernon and Martin...My apologies for not responding sooner. I did not see alerts or check the site often enough. Both of you, please stay involved and make your feelings known here on The Patch, through the radio, if you like, and to your representatives. The devil really is in the deats and not the sound bites. Thank you both for reading the item and getting back. Bob


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