The Voice of New Rochelle: Earthquakes and Hurricanes

Now here is a column I never thought I would write. Indeed, it is based on an idea I would never have even entertained. Nonetheless, I am grateful for the recent acts of God.

What a break! The acrid stench generated by proactively ignorant elected officials and candidates for higher office was mercifully interrupted this week by … well … God. Then again, maybe it was Mother Nature? Or, perhaps, better to say mother earth. 

In any case, I am grateful. 

The intervention was a welcome break from the obsessive emotional roller coaster and adrenalin tease that is following politics and current events for a living. Don’t get me wrong. I love my work. It is exciting and it involves the great issues of the day. Indeed, I am privileged. 

In what other field can a modestly skilled kid from Brooklyn be taken seriously by those who make the news?

But if one has a sense of justice, if one cares about integrity in high places, if one roils with internal angst when lied to face to face, if one cares about the future of this country—the job can break your heart and, worse, distort your sense of reality.

The anger and frustration build up, so much so, that you risk believing that the debate between the left and the right is all that there is and that nothing else matters very much. The high volume and low intellectual quality of the discourse takes you to a point whereby you are whipsawed from one side to the other. 

The sound bites and simple answers arrive on your psyche like shots fired from a machine gun, or if they palliate you, they soothe like the morphine jabs you see administered in World War II movies. They are abrupt assaults and solutions as ignorant and thoughtless as a bullet. 

Sadly, like any other bad habit, they are the opiate that medicates the jangled nerves that have been compromised by the very drug that now offers to ease your pain. They are the gambler’s next bet, the drug addict’s next fix, the compulsive shopper’s next purchase on a credit card that will never be paid off. 

“Birthers” were running around saying Barack Obama was not born here. Rich and knowingly dissembling talk-show hosts said that he was a Marxist and hated America. Sarah Palin insisted that the government wanted the right to kill your grandmother. Michele Bachmann says God wanted her be president and that being gay is a curable disease. Rick Perry, when he thought it useful, talked of secession and—from Texas of all places—has said it might not be safe for the chairman of the Federal Reserve to visit there. 

And look, it is not easy for an honest conservative either. They work their butts off only to watch poorly run government spend their money carelessly or buy votes. Quite willing to work, they watch jobs taken away by people living in this country illegally.

Meanwhile, the leaders of both parties cater to business cash and Latino votes by manipulating the immigration issue. If they complain about the genuine mistakes of the president, or the use of entitlement programs by Democrats to gain minority votes, they risk being accused of racism. 

I know, enough! There I go again. 

Six months ago I started listening to the fantasy that is sports radio on my way home, eschewing the very broadcast form (political/news) in which I make my living. If I am not going to hear an honest attempt at reality, I figure I may as well enjoy and choose my own method of self-gratification.  

But, alas, divine intervention. No, I haven’t joined the evangelical nut jobs who think God is an angry pit bull bent on Armageddon. I leave such nonsense to Godzilla movies. 

Rather, the earthquake that broke up a meeting with my lawyer while we tried to right a wrong visited by one of life’s cynical predators and the hurricane that tore off the side of my house reminded me that there is a reality out there. 

We are all accidental tourists, here for a short stay, cast adrift on a swirling tiny ball lost in the expanse of existence that is spending its capricious energy, released at the beginning of time, with no particular regard for its inhabitants. 

Me thinks we take ourselves way too seriously. I feel better already.

fuzzy September 02, 2011 at 03:21 PM
Hey bob how come WVOX took Bob Cox off the air his show was great. Is Mr.O scared to hear the truth? Did Noam and the dems say they are not going to advertise on his station anymore? I'm going to start a protest of this station be prepared.
Reality September 02, 2011 at 04:23 PM
Fuzzy facts. The only politician to recently advertise on WVOX was Lou Transgucci, but neither republicans or dems really advertise on the station so it they stopped there would be no impact. Nobody was taken off the air, instead two talk show hosts choose to voluntarily stop airing their shows then agree to new station rules. After 50 years of running VOX I doubt that Mr. O is scared of anything, and I am sure his response to your threaten protest would be - BRING IT ON!!!!
fuzzy September 07, 2011 at 12:49 PM
Sorry reality your wrong it's election time and there is alot of ad's put on this station you can check with the station.As far as Mr. O goes not being scared of anything thats false Noam and crew told him to get cox off the air because he tells the truth. What happened to his speech about how his station is the voice of the people why change the rules now?Since your such a big fan tell Mr.O to release a statement on the rule change? See if he can explain his policy change.I'll be waiting!!!!
Bob Marrone September 21, 2011 at 02:26 PM
Hi Fuzzy and Reality. Sorry for getting back late. It has been a hectic time. Anyway, I wanted not to ignore this most important question. So her goes: I have my own opinions about the policy that led to two talk show hosts refusal to sign concurrence with it and, thus, leaving our airwaves. Since I spend more hours on the air than anyone at WVOX, I am actually the person most impacted by it. Also, I have been challenged by callers when they think that I might have crossed the line. Also, like you, I have bosses and I have to comply with company rules. But I can also say that the policy has been less restrictive than I first feared. More importantly, I can assure that the policy on personal attacks, etc.was...to the the very best of my well informed knowledge...not directed at Mr. Cox, nor was it the result of anyone at City Hall making a phone call. I will gladly stake my reputation as a news person on that. anyway, thanks for commenting. regards Bob


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