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The Perfect Turkey Sandwich

Craving layers of leftovers cradled in toasted whole wheat? Here's how to make the perfect holiday sandwich.

Okay, I’m still full, but something inside me can’t stop thinking about the one thing that makes Thanksgiving amazing: the leftovers.  

As I sit, staring at the Tupperware full of delectable dishes, I’m mapping out exactly how I will layer them into the perfect “day after” meal.  

You see, I spent Thanksgiving asking around, and I found that there are more than a few opinions about what goes into the perfect leftover sandwich.

Of course, plenty of roasted turkey is crucial. Stuffing, cranberry sauce, salt, pepper and gravy were all a matter of personal preference.  

But everyone seems to agree the key ingredient is really good bread. Whether toasted or fresh, it’s a hearty loaf that holds it all together.  

So, as soon as possible, I will be calling , in New Rochelle, in search of the perfect crusty goodness.  

For more information, call 914-637-9514.


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