Question: Is NYSEG Doing Enough to Repair Power in Your Area?

Weigh in here on today's question.

More than 130,000 NYSEG customers in New York remain without power, including more than 26,000 of the company's 32, 4,445 customers in Westchester. A majority of Yorktown residents are doing their best to cope without electricity.

The company said it is repairing much of its delivery network after Hurricane Irene. On its Twitter page, NYSEG said information about dry ice distribution will be listed on its website today. On Sunday, the company said it had more than 600 people assessing damage and removing trees, even as outages kept occurring. The company said it will be working 24/7 to restore power. 

Question: Are you satisfied with NYSEG’s response to the storm so far? Natural disasters are a challenge for everyone—residents, municipalities and utility companies, but do you think the company is doing enough to restore power?

Jeff Robbins August 30, 2011 at 12:42 PM
Here in Heritage Hills in Somers the situation is much the same - terrible. Little seems to be happening and NYSEG communications is terrible. Ran around yesterday following NYSEG Twitter tweets re: dry ice. When our Town Supervisor arranged a dry ice drop at 7 PM they ran out in 20 minutes after giving out a very small chunck of dry ice which is almost gone in 12 hours. Terrible response by all concerned: Town of Somers, Heritage Hills internal and external management and especially NYSEG.
NS-resident23 August 30, 2011 at 02:46 PM
NYSEG is exploiting the town of North Salem by posting a photo of the damage in order to show how hard they have to work. However, there is not one single NYSEG truck in North Salem, nor are they even assessing the damage in most locations. The Con Ed management has gone on CBS AM to reassure customers that power would be back on by Thursday. Even Cablevision is doing more customer relations. But not a peep from NYSEG except messages on their website (which must be accessed by smartphones in the car) except comments to try to make us have pity on them for all the work they have to do. Hello, you are a for-profit company and you are able to make gratuitous profits at the taxpayers' expense, so suck it up and work for once! Total incompetence.
Angela Bertram August 30, 2011 at 05:10 PM
I am in the South Salem area and according to their website they had restored power to my area at 11:21 pm last night, which was clearly not the case. I called the emergency number in fear that they would NEVER show up thinking that they fixed it. They are doing a terrible job and have no intention of doing any better than that because they can get away with it!
barbara September 01, 2011 at 01:37 PM
I was in Bedford Village yesterday and it looked like a tornado had ripped through the town. The surrounding streets all had trees, branches and wires down and no trucks in sight.
mady Kushner September 06, 2011 at 09:35 PM
This is after the fact...we have power restored in Somers. But it took our town supervisor Mary Beth Murphy putting pressure on NYSEG. For a week, we were without power, so no evidence of NYSEG in our area...had two "hot" wires down on Lake Road and only when I called the Journal News and our town supervisor's office did we get our 1000 homes restored with power. In addition, calling the #800 for NYSEG gives you telephone operators sitting in Binghamton, NY..absolutely clueless about our street addresses and what we're dealing with....If you live with wells, a power outage means no water, no ability to flush a toilet....We put in a generator after the last long power outage...I personally don't blame the workers on the line...When they finally showed up, we cheered them for giving us power... What's frustrating is dialing NYSEG and hearing "no information for time of restoration" or worse, "your power was restored at 8 am today". And that was a lie.. three days in a row. They are doing the worst job imaginable. Every executive at NYSEG deserves to be fired! Everyone I spoke to about NYSEG was livid!


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