New Rochelle Parking—Unfriendly for Business

One visitor to New Rochelle takes issue with private parking lot rules.

To the editor, 

I was driving through downtown New Rochelle recently during lunchtime. Noticing a pizza place, I decided to run in and grab a couple of slices to go for my drive home. Little did I expect that my two-minute parking in the adjacent and nearly empty Key Bank parking lot would leave me with such an unappetizing surprise—a steel boot attached to the tire of my car and a man from Avalon Towing in a white Mercedes demanding $50 cash to remove it. 

While I understand that private businesses need to keep their parking lots open for customers in a busy downtown, the idea of a man spending his day hiding in the parking lot and waiting to seize the tire of the next unsuspecting motorist is pathetic and poor community relations for Key Bank. I later found out that Avalon Towing is well known for these tactics at other New Rochelle establishments including McDonalds, ShopRite and Chase Bank. 

That was an expensive lunch. But, it taught me a valuable lesson—avoid visiting downtown New Rochelle in the future. 

George Potanovic, Jr.
Stony Point

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fuzzy January 11, 2013 at 06:15 PM
most of the time the guy hides in the bushes.Your right to downtown New Ro is a joke
Theresa Kump Leghorn January 17, 2013 at 05:12 PM
I hope the Mayor and City Council see this letter, because the parking situation on our downtown is a definite problem for businesses. In surrounding communities the parking is free after 6 pm, so when people come to our downtown restaurants from Larchmont or Scarsdale they are often shocked to be ticketed. New Rochelle should be supporting downtown businesses with better options for parking.
Arthur February 13, 2013 at 07:03 PM
I went to New Rochelle to get yo know the area for a possible business adventure. I parked for less than 2 minutes in the parking lot of the mirage dinner across from Iona College, went to take a picture of the street and then have some lunch so i get a better idea of the area. some guy came out of nowhere asking if that was my car? Keeping in mind the car I just got out 2 min ago and it was just a few feet from me. This guy boot my car and start asking for 48.75 to remove! At the same time he is telling me that the tow truck is on his way! How can this be if I just parked less than 4 minutes ago!!! I went inside the mirage dinner and ask to speak to the owner. I explained the situation and he did not offer any help! To my surprise all he said was, " they don't want any body to park there" I was sock! Since he is actually referring to the same lot that has his business name on it!!! Unfortunately, I ended up paying the 48 dollars! And I realized that New Rochelle or at least that area is not a good place for a business! Be very carefull where you leave your car in new Rochelle or just avoid the area. By the way the name of the company that booted my car is ( Avalon Towing )


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