Why Diversity is Such A Good Thing

Everyone's family has some ethnic roots from another country most likely. And that's a good thing.

My household is a prime example of ethnic diversity.  I am half Cuban and half American.  It depends upon where your parents are born which makes up of your ethnic background. 

Parents of most of the children that I go to school with were born here in the United States but they do have ethnic backgrounds, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Swedish for example.

My father was born in Oriente, Cuba and immigrated when he was just seven years old.Then he lived in Miami with his mom, dad,and brother  and went to high shool with with other Cubans such as Gloria Esteban and Andy Garcia.  He eventually moved to New York, recieved a scholorship to go to college and then met my mom. 

My mother is first generation American that is because her mom was born in Scotland and immigrated in 1927. My grandfather was born in Dublin, Ireland, he worked on large cruise liners and eventually emigrated to New York. Since my grandparents were born in different countries and my mom was born in the United States that makes her the first generation American. 

My school classmates have different ethnic diversities. There are children that were born in different countries such as England, Turkey and France for example.  Most of the children in my school are Americans because alot of the parents were born here in the United States but their grandparents and great-grandparents were from other countries like Italy, Spain, South America and Africa.   

The thing that matters is that we maybe from different countries, or different ethnic backgrounds, we can learn and get along.  We learn about different cultures and traditions.  Ethnic diversity is  part of the American culture which starts from every home in America.

Billy L October 24, 2012 at 01:21 PM
You never answered the question in the title to tell us why it's a good thing...


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