President Obama 'Hates America' or so Rush Tells us but Remember He's an ENTERTAINER

Just pointing out that Rush is as much a pretend conservative as the presumptive candidate himself.

“It can be said without equivocation. Without  Equivocation that this man hates America,” stated Rush Limbaugh on his radio show. Further ramblings by Rush included, “Why didn’t he take after his mother at least look more like her?” Governor Romney not wanting to be outdone said, “He will be outsourced on my second day in office. MY first day is getting pretty backed up.” Okay I made those last two up. My bad.

Rush Limbaugh reminds everyone constantly that he is an entertainer.  He says his show is entertainment. The things he says are not meant to be taken SERIOUSLY. That is brilliant. That way you have no responsibility for whatever you say.  It’s just an act. He’s not like Howard Stern who says whatever stupid thing comes into his brain. Just says what he’s thinking and of course that’s the funny part- he isn’t thinking. 

Rush is playing a character that is actually a lot like himself but it comes with a cost. If it works and his does you never can stop doing it.  So he must, unlike Howard, never get off the point. What’s fun or is it tiring about Howard is that he is always missing the point. Rush must always be this guy who hates and demeans just about everyone and everything there is.  And give him some credit that’s hard to do. I couldn’t do it. I’m too vain. 

I would want to take credit for the really good stuff. He can’t! Poor guy ha has to act like everything he says never left his, you know, Rush’s ACTUAL lips. Oh sometimes his character goes too far and he has to apologize but again give him a huge amount of credit because he never actually does that. You know apologize. Take the Sandra Fluke incident. He says he’s sorry that his words might have offended anyone. Not him. He didn’t care except he wishes that he couldn’t use the right words whatever they might be that WOULD have offended everyone. No MIGHT about it.  He missed the mark poor teddy bear. 

He tried TV years ago and just couldn’t make it work out. First of all and I’m not saying he’s not a good looking guy because we have thousands of really awful looking guys on TV. Watch ESPN’s “talk shows” with the sound off. You have to turn away from the screen. Actually Rush has a great smile and maybe that was it.  He looks like a big teddy bear and then he says such horrible things I’m sorry his character that he had created says such terrible things and it doesn’t look like it should.  

We like the people on TV to fit their personalities in a pleasing way or kill them off otherwise it’s tough to make a show work.  Look at the villains in the nighttime soaps.  Only the truly beautiful ones never die.  But with Radio you can make up your own image. You can paint a picture of yourself or let the audience do it.  Have a big ugly growth coming out his Rush’s head like Dorian Gray’s portrait.  Now that’s entertaining.  

Too bad about TV for Rush because he would’ve had a much larger audience and probably really influence some people.  Radio is very niche oriented. The Ellen show is a huge success. She’s done more to advance what we all think of LGBT folks than anyone person ever.  Her presence on TV has likely allowed other gay people to be themselves.  Oh sure that is a character that Ellen is playing for TV but unlike poor Rush she owns who she is.  

Just doesn’t seem fair. Rush should be allowed to be as hateful as he wants and not feel so ashamed.  It just isn’t fair.  President Obama gets to say what he wants and smile while he does it and take full responsibility for his every word and action. Rush on the other hand has to act like everything he has said carries absolutely no weight. I wasn’t trying to make a funny there. I’m sure like me it’s the damned medication that’s causing his enormous weight problem. That’s what I have to live with as well. Hang in there big guy!!

One time I was watching his till fated TV show and he ask a very heart aching question.  Why couldn’t live like we did when he was a kid back in the fifties?  Everything was so perfect about America.  The world held us in such high esteem.  It would be so nice to be like that again.  He then quite artfully told us what happened to that idyllic scene. In a word blacks.

They had it good but they thought they should have it better. Hence Brown vs. the Board, MLK, Cosby with a number one show and now we have a black President.  Rush lost his TV show soon after that remark and had to go back to only radio and there he enveloped himself in his entertainers persona and he hasn’t come out since. He has given himself up so he could tell his version of the truth and hope that no one would notice or stop him. Stop him? He has gained an audience 20 million strong which incidentally is just about a fifth the actual number of white adults in America left. His character on radio is not one that demands decorum.  His character says flattering things only about white people who like him. A perfect world is what he has. Unreal and a little delusional but it’s all his. 

Living as a white male I was in total opposition to what he said I would keep my mouth shut for fear of upsetting others. But now after becoming myself and having a little time meeting my mortality, I say what I want. I wish Rush could as well because it is so liberating.  If Rush were not  trapped like a mad dog in a character, albeit a larger character than most, he could like me speak freely and say with assuredness that everything that the character of Rush says daily is hateful asinine crap. 

I wish Rush could let go and tells us what he really thinks. At least take credit for it.  But he doesn’t and I don’t see him doing it very soon.  Can you imagine if he really meant what he says what would happen to him?  Right now it’s just meaningless and without honor like listening to a whole concert of Milli Vanilli with the sync off.  

It was very funny yesterday when he said that the President hates America.  John Sununu, who didn’t get the daily email that Rush is always just pretending to be an American Conservative, told an audience on Tuesday morning that he wished the President would learn how to be an American.  But he’s not an entertainer and the liberals, you know us, we pounced all over that and pretty soon he was walking it back. But not Rush! 

He has no need to retrack what he has said or what he will say because he didn’t and doesn't say anything on the record. It's always just some frivolous totally pointless remark.  Oh liberals may squawk but they got nothing on Rush because HE is nothing. There is more truth coming out of Governor Romney’s daily retractions than there is in all the years of entertaining from Rush Limbaugh.  I know that many believe him but that’s the beauty of him. He’s unbelievable.  

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Scott Killeen July 18, 2012 at 08:59 PM
She knows everything about someone she hates, that tells me something about her.
Scott Killeen July 18, 2012 at 09:07 PM
I guess Marie thinks her blog is the right think to do. To point out everything she hates and agrees with. I hope she has a huge following.
Marie Fairman July 18, 2012 at 11:18 PM
Scott you didn't have to do three separate comments but thanks. It makes it look like its interesting. These are my opinions and no one else's and so yes I do believe them to be correct for me. I write this so I won't be ashamed that I didn't speak out. A trip next to mortality will do that. Thanks Scott for your comments. I wish you well.
Bob Blanchard July 20, 2012 at 12:29 AM
I’m sorry, but this is not a blog, blog, it is blah, blah! Rush may not be the only one over-medicating. If you are taking the time to listen to him, you are certainly not paying attention. But, if you are NOT listening to him, you shouldn’t be commenting on him. You can always tell if a person is liberal or not by the way they refuse to consider opposing points of view no matter how valid those points may be. Do you have a right to criticize Rush? Of course! Just as he has a right to question statements made by his Holiness when he doesn’t have a teleprompter. Unless Michelle tells him what to say, he can’t even say his prayers at night without a teleprompter. (Do Muslims say prayers at night?) I was going to submit your endless rant about Rush for Pulitzer Prize consideration but knew it wouldn’t make it so was thinking about a Nobel Prize since they are cheaper and easy to get. Mike did say he welcomed opposing points of view. Fortunately mine is much shorter than the original blah.
Marie Fairman July 20, 2012 at 05:51 AM
Bob you should start a blog then you can say as much as you need to say. I don't disrespect Rush's opinion I'm just saying that HE doesn't have one. He plays the edge of the razor of entertainment and commentary. Regardless real or fake, some of his comments are offensive to me so I can't listen very long. But I do try once a month. The other part of your comment I find interesting. Why are liberals bad? I am Christian and I really do try to walk the path of Jesus. He called out phonies. He wasn't afraid of the consequences although in Gethsemane he does have a break down but steels his courage before he meets the fate which awaits him. I fail miserably at walking the walk I realize but that's where I'm coming from. If that's liberal and you believe that is bad thing to be so be it. I believe it is what I'm called to do. I did die once and was gone for 8 minutes. I lost 10% of my brain and perhaps that's why I'm so confused. Maybe being a liberal is bad and I just don't know it. But right now with the 90% of my brain left (of which I'm probably not using all 90% of it) I believe being a "liberal" as you call it is not bad. It is a good thing to be. I'll try to tell about how I, a Republican raised Hoosier who used my first vote given to me when I was 20 for Richard Nixon for a 2nd term, got to this place that a few of you here call liberal. I should probably do a video this time. Thanks for the inspiration Bob and your comments. Oh and what's wrong with Muslims?


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