Blog: Dogs Will Take the First Watch

Dogs could patrol schools! They are already doing it elsewhere and with some training to sniff out guns who knows?

Get dogs to patrol the schools. The cost is substantial probably but much more lasting and loyal. Far fetched? Right now dogs are working and despite the way that Buddy is looking at us he wants to work. They all do. Well maybe not some. No actually all of them. It's in their collective breeding.  

Dogs are the most underused resource we have. We spend hundreds of millions destroying them every year. They are unfortunately for millions, available right now and could be retrained to smell for anything. If need be we could put a smell signature into every gun that only dogs can smell as they have 10,000 times our ability the sense of smell that we do. As gun advocates love to say, “Guns don't kill people. People do. The smell would be carried with the gun no matter who wound up with it and it could be made nearly impossible to eliminate that distintive smell. This odor could be so unique that we couldn't smell it. Only dogs would be able to smell it. Really it can be done. 

Dogs are also unbelievably loyal and would be so to a school and it kids. They would never let anyone hurt them. Frankly they might be the "balm for Gilead". We need something that can help remove our corporate fears. Dogs could do that and the heavy lifting as well.

What if the lunatic take the dogs out first? You could have life monitors on the dogs to tell you that has happened and in the meantime secure the children to safe areas while seeing if there is a problem. If there is, you might have time to call the authorities and who knows a swat team or maybe just one law enforcement person who is trained in using a gun can get there before something happens and do their thing before another lunatic does his. It’s worth a discussion at least. 

So let’s discuss. Right now dogs are being taught do all sorts of things that only 20 years ago were not. We have always had combat dogs, but now we have search and rescue dogs, drug dogs so why not school patrol dogs?  Yes there would someone (a human) with them and no, I don’t believe they should be armed with a gun but communication. That’s the whole point. Drop the level of guns in our society but not the level of light speed communication. Also if we could mitigate the use of violence and make it more and more unlikely that it could happen in our inviolate places, lunatics wouldn’t be looking for these, now, easy solution to their problems. Of course that’s the thing we don’t know because they so often "off" themselves before anybody gets there. 

Lethal force should become unnecessary. We should be instead looking for methodologies that neutralize what a gun can do. We have made great strides in protecting our soldiers and our police on our streets but we have made even greater strides making more and more powerful and proficient our guns. What was a single shot on a military battlefield now is an automatic with armor piercing bullets that can be carried by people who are getting smaller and smaller. The recoils of these small monsters are also being mitigated so its use is more “user friendly”. Doesn’t it just follow that we should be trying to minimize these marvels of technology by neutralizing their effectiveness when used? If guns could become not so lethal and can’t penetrate walls, wouldn’t they become, I don’t know, less popular with all of us? Buddy is already wagging his tail. 

Technology will one day be able to mirror the miraculous nature of a dog’s sense of smell and gun manufacturers could help here by meeting us half way by putting in a little scent and thereby helping the dogs know where guns are. We can all agree where guns are inappropriate. Even if we had everybody armed to the teeth if we are at a movie theatre there would be no need for guns. If we are in a house of worship there would be no need for guns. If we have dropped off our child at a school be they 5 or 25 there would be no need for guns. Shopping malls, where we will be rushing to buy and then rushing to return in the next weeks should also be in that list along with parks and transportation stations for planes, trains, buses and the like. So if we can agree where it is not appropriate to open gun fire for any reason then at those places dogs could be our patrol. If we have no expectation of gun violence at these places why do we all need to be armed? Isn't someone going to be armed better? When you go into a building whether its work or play or shopping we should make those places safe from gun misuse. 

Utterly fantastically impractical and completely naive to even give such a discussion any mer... Buddy stopped wagging his tail. His ears are back hearing that kind of talk.  

We work our way out. Find a room a or even better if a large building a floor and make sure it becomes a space that provides more than adequate safety against gun insanity and make a law to make sure that space is kept up to current standards. We do it for the cyber world and we can do it for the brick and mortar world as well. Refit the rest of the structures out over time until there are more and more safe places to go than there are guns to disrupt our peace. Outrageous expensively you scream and completely unreal!!!

Look at what just happened in the last 20 years; in the last five years; in the last few months; in the last week. Expenses you can tabulate.  Lives not so much.  It will cost a lot of money to do any of this pipe dream but it seems to me that this has become mandatory infrastructure. We cannot repeat the last twenty years and we can never have another Shady Hook ever. Never. This was the line drawn and we cannot go forward until we see a way to do so safely.

Until then we need to look out for one another and learn to do it without guns. So get those dogs trained, put an odor only they get in every gun everywhere, make safe places as soon as possible and keep providing for the common welfare. Oh and stay away from cliffs. It’s another whole thing but just saying.

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Marie Fairman December 23, 2012 at 03:49 PM
I don't like that we spend millions every year locally everywhere destroying a sensitive and loving animal. Breeding over thousands of years have truly made them instinctively the only other living thing on earth that cares for us instinctively. They have saved millions and millions of lives with selfless devotion and if we took the time to develop their keen sense of smell and exploit that devotion who knows? Ask a hunter how valuable they are at finding game in a stealth like fashion or how their extreme patience pays off. Silly sure you can call it that but just throw it away because we're so much better at taking care of ourselves than some dog would? Be careful in that assessment. Many have commented that allergies would be a problem. Perhaps but they wouldn't have to carry guns and would never be upset about serving as sentries away from a school. If nothing else it might bridge a gap of protection until we work out something better than arming everybody. This is a real solution. Anybody else got something?


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