Senior Citizens Getting Into Shape at Larchmont Public Library

Bob Blaufarb lecturing at Larchmont Public Library to seniors
Bob Blaufarb lecturing at Larchmont Public Library to seniors

A fitness expert who is getting elders to work out held an exercise event April 19 at the Larchmont Public Library. 

Bob Blaufarb, an accredited New York State health coach, told his audience there would be two parts to the program: A lecture on different muscle groups and importance of exercise; and a low intense activity that would keep them moving as music was playing.

The biggest trend involving exercise for elderly people, he said, is the lack of it.

“Unfortunately, most of the seniors that I talk with are not involved in any type of exercise, until I introduce them to exercises that are sustainable, easy, and fun,” he said.

One cause, he said, is that women growing up in the 40’s and 50’s were not encouraged to engage in sports and be active and therefore, felt discouraged.  However, times have changed.

“Thankfully, the stigma of females exercising in our country has reversed, and a great number of girls play high school sports and work out on their own,” he said. 

Another trend is is the social aspect. Seniors try to absorb an exercise that has a social side to it involving people such as family or peers, Blaufarb said. 

Also, some elderly people might be limited to what activities they can do because of health and chronic illness. 

Good exercises for elders are of low intensity and short timing in most cases, Blaufarb said.  

There are some seniors—like him—who do high intensity workouts, especially ones that work well for former athletes.  Fortunately,  there are also activities that do not require a lot of strength. 

“Walking; light, slow jogging; bike riding; swimming; bowling; and miniature golf; are some examples of low impact, fun, social activities for our elder population,” he said.

Why should elderly people be getting the exercise they need on a daily basis?

“As we get older, our cells are not able to reproduce effectively,” he said.  “Exercise has to be consistent to be effective.”    

For questions or comments for Bob Blaufarb, please email him at mostcalls@msn.com


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