What About Harrison? Our Case For Prettiest Town

Forbes Magazine recently named Westchester neighbor Tarrytown one of the 10 best looking towns in the United States, which got us thinking: what about Harrison?

We live in an area rich with tradition, historical relevance and overall beauty.

So it's no surprise that while compiling a list of America's 10 prettiest towns, Forbes Magazine included Westchester neighbor Tarrytown. That got us thinking, what about Harrison?

From Manhattanville and Purchase College's spacious campuses to Silver Lake in West Harrison and the tree filled neighborhoods downtown, Harrison has a lot to offer. We have included a few photos of local places in town and encourage you to add your own by clicking the "import photo" button on this story.

Lets compile photos of the places that make Harrison beautiful! Feel free to make your case for Harrison being one of the nation's "prettiest towns" in the comments section below.

Naomi April 09, 2012 at 10:32 PM
Pepsi Co, with the Kendal Sculpture Gardens
Rob April 10, 2012 at 12:10 AM
Everyone knows Purchase is gorgeous. How about concentrating on downtown, the heart of the town? Residents in Purchase barely know thay they actually live in Harrison and could care less about local politics. Purchase and West Harrison have different zip codes than downtown. And mail that is delivered to Purchase half the time says Rye N.Y. on it and half the mail delivered to west harrison says its east white plains. 10528 is the main part of the town. Just because therebare 2 colleges, Pepsico, and multi million dollar houses, golf courses and a bunch of snooty CEO's who dont care about the town itself shouldnt mean a thing. Harrison is built on hard working blue collar people, the average homeowner, and small/local/private/mom and pop businesses. Lets be proud of it.


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