Sold!: Recent House Sales in New Rochelle

Here are some of the homes in New Rochelle that were recently purchased.

Among the recently purchased homes in New Rochelle is 2336 Palmer Ave. The three-bedroom, one-bath home was sold for $363,000, according to realestate.aol.com. Good news for the new owners.

The sale is one of many recent one in New Rochelle. Here is the link to the information.

Be sure and check our House Hunt column Friday around noon. Right now there aren't any scheduled Open Houses this weekend, but there are some recent homes put on the market that we will be featuring.

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Billy December 27, 2012 at 09:18 PM
Good news for the new owners because the price is so low, bad news for the rest of us who own property in New Rochelle.
Billy December 27, 2012 at 09:24 PM
And I see from the list in the link that they're still selling off units in the Trump Building, but I wonder if anyone (& I do mean anyone) will tell NR the truth behind the scenes at that building. How many units are unsold. how many were rented, what's the occupany rate. how many kids are in our schools, ect. This is the kind of information critical to determining if other large scale develeopements (think Echo Bay) should even be contemplated. But I doubt if anyone's going to really spill the beans. That'd be like shooting yourself in the foot I guess.


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