Time of Change....

Welcoming the changes and new school year


With Labor Day around the corner, parents and kids begin to feel the change.  There is a parting with the warm carefree days, full of swimming and late nights, and a welcoming of brisk mornings and less humid days.  The easing into the more scheduled days and evenings begins, the preparing of school supplies, and, most importantly, readying ourselves emotionally for a new school year.

When some kids get ready for school, or begin to think about it, anxiety sets in.   Not all of us are ready to release the comforts of summer and move forward.  Although school is an exciting new venture for some kids, others may be uncomfortable with it, and unable to express exactly how they feel.  Perhaps they are afraid, not knowing what they will be facing in the next few weeks.  These feelings can be so strong, and sometimes may be released in various ways – anger, easily agitated, withdrawn.  And yet, some kids are looking forward beginning their new experience.

As a mom, I can say that I hope for the latter.

Also as a mom, I have come to accept that change is difficult. Some changes cause more anxiety than others. But change is a real, existing phenomenon, and we all have to face it at one point or another in our lives.  And accept it.

School has its highs and lows.  Perhaps the first day will be absolutely wonderful, and we are going to have the best experience we’ve ever had going to school. You get the teacher you wanted, you make a new friend, you get complimented on how you carry yourself, have the perfect lunch, and everyone smiles at you when you walk into the room. 

But sometimes, it might not go as we had planned, and it is not the perfect day. You might have forgotten your lunch. Your teacher isn’t the one you wanted. As the day goes, things just get worse, and you just can’t wait to get home. 

But you know what? It’s OK. It’s ok for change to be good sometimes, and not so good the other times.  Change can be considered imperfectly perfect, bittersweet and, a way to grow.

Yoga is like that too.  One never knows what is going to happen when they start – if they are going to hate it, love it, or not be able to do exactly what the teacher says to do. 

But that’s not what doing yoga or going to school is about.  Like change, it’s about showing up, facing that change in our entire imperfect Self’s glory. And being content with that you did it, no matter what the outcome. And that, for anyone, is absolutely perfect.

Have a wonderful school year



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Aidan August 21, 2012 at 11:52 PM
Have more faith in children. Their resilience is stunning ... and they all need to learn how to deal with new situations and even disappointments. It's called growing up. Try not to get in their way too much with your anxiety. Wanna do your part? Be consistent parents with a consistent routine. Kids get that. And don't visits any messiness in your life on their lives. Keep your life-junk to yourselves. They're not your pals ... they're your kids. Act like school's important and they'll make it important. And please don't try to iron out every speed-bump in their lives. Stand back sometimes ... and wait for them to ask for some words. If not, zip up and be the same person day-after-day. They love that routine, too.
Kathleen August 22, 2012 at 01:18 AM
This year we started getting a few school supplies earlier on than usual - things like pencils, pens, backpacks - items we know we will need, in early August. This helped get the kids' mindset ready for thinking about getting ready soon. An annual ritual that is enjoyable when not rushed at the last minute, and very helpful in easing the transition from the depths of summer towards that first day of school.
Elisha Fernandes Simpson, RYT, CKYT August 28, 2012 at 11:05 AM
Thanks Kathleen and Aidan for your comments!


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