Sandy's Aftermath: No Power, Downed Trees

Downed trees, signs and light poles decorate the New Rochelle landscape Tuesday morning.

New Rochelle woke up Tuesday to find over half its residents without power after Hurricane Sandy tore through the Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Several downed trees, including many downed wires, made passage along streets such as Woodland Avenue, Circuit Road and Echo Ave impossible.

Debris littered most streets around the city.

Depending on where one was driving traffic lights were out, but then one intersection later they were fully functional.

The area around New Roc City, including the Radisson Hotel New Rochelle, had electricity.

During the night Monday, the Avalon East and Trump Plaza buildings illuminated the night.

Depending on where the electricity is still on, gas stations were pumping fuel.

Both Stop and Shop supermarkets and ShopRite were open for business Tuesday, with ice and "D" batteries in short supply or non-existent.

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