Marketing on $0 dollars

Newly minted financial advisors short on cash but need to get the word out. 

How about networking?  There are possible opportunities at a Rotary, Kiwanis or Civic Club. Maybe checking out the Chamber of Commerce about other business organizations you can join.  Here you can not only meet other business leaders but introduce and gently promote your services (without sounding or being salesmanly).  DON’T sell but rather always introduce and explain your services. You’re not there to find clients but simply let the business community know you exist.

What about libraries?  Go to one and find out about possible speaking engagements.  Many libraries have guest speakers on their fields of expertise.  Speakers will host a one hour symposium on topics like starting your own business, how to make a PowerPoint, how to use LinkedIn, how to buy a house, etc).  Financial advisors can share new 2014 tax law changes or setting up a retirement account in very basic terms.  NO SELLING of your services. Strictly educational.  The more of these you do the more you will be recognized as a thought leader.  Eventually people (you know, potential clients) will seek you out.

Newspapers?  Why not approach your local paper and see if you can do a weekly op-Ed page on finance. Another avenue to demonstrate your financial savvy credibility…………  for FREE…………. and slowly market your business.

TV?  Yup. Many cities have local TV stations.  Have you thought of approaching the producers and seeing if they’d consider interviewing you about the new 2014 tax laws. Or how the elderly can avoid scams. Or how the GenY can ease their way to investing?  Doesn’t hurt to try and ask.

My .02 cents of added ideas………….


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