Speak Out: How Are Small Businesses Faring Locally?

Things may be looking up for small businesses, according to a recent survey from the National Small Business Association.

The 2013 Year-End Economic Report notes that small businesses are feeling "more confident in the overall economy than they have in some time."

About 27-percent are expecting "economic expansion" in the near future. That number was 14-percent last year. There was a small increase, from 64-percent six months ago to 66-percent, in proprietors who are confident about the future of their shops.

Still, there are plenty of challenges small business owners are struggling with.

"Economic uncertainty continues to be the most significant challenge facing small-business owners today, followed by decline in customer spending, cost of health insurance benefits and regulatory burdens," the report states.

How are small businesses in our towns faring? What establishments across Rockland, Putnam and Westchester are having a hard time staying open? Which businesses surprised you when they shut their doors, and which surprised you by opening—and flourishing—at what seemed to be a bad location in years past? Tell us in the comments below.

jo March 04, 2014 at 08:33 AM
Hillary made it very political Bob..when she went on her bus tour upstate and promised jobs.. member that.. she got elected senator and they got the Shaft..
jo March 04, 2014 at 08:38 AM
where are my posts ???
smellypants March 04, 2014 at 11:16 AM
Hillary is one FUGLY woman.
I Believe March 04, 2014 at 11:59 AM
The problem with NYS is that it does not provide any incentives for local Planning or Zoning Boards to approve the very simple applications that come before them for approval or denial, or on the applications that are to set up, expand, or bring into the area a business of any kind. NYS is the most ANTI BUSINESS state you can live in, and I am not saying this to take any digs at the current Political Party that is in POWER, or at the economic goals that perhaps our current Governor is trying to achieve. NYS has been a very tough state to want to risk opening up a business in, whether you are that small shop keeper, or that business that can hire more than 50 people. NYS has always paid a blind eye and a deaf ear towards all request to help the small main street merchant wanting to either take a chance or survive. Never have I ever been exposed to a conversation held with a level of Government that is above both the local or County level, where when I got off the phone I felt like I could accomplish going forward with my dream to open up a business in NYS. NYS dead last for a reason! NYS JUST CAN"T AFFORD BEING DEAD LAST!
mark March 24, 2014 at 05:47 PM
As a Small Business Owner in Westchester I'm disappointed ,as the 2 Parties bicker about who's fault it is ..the problem get's worse by the day...the solution is in OUR HANDS !.. BUY LOCAL!,and whenever possible BUY AMERICAN !..As long as everyone longs for the Cheap Foreign crap, and flocks to the Big Box Discount Stores that deal in it,this country will never Recover..go ahead Shop online,give it to Amazon or whoever.. and you wonder why you can't find a Job? or the one you have doesn't pay what it used to..look into Income inequality..and maybe check out Robert Reich's documentary on the subject..We as Americans need to take responsibility for our Actions and the Consequences of those actions..We can't keep looking for SOMEONE ELSE OR THE GOVT to fix our Problems..Can't you see how Futile an Endeavor that is ? ..if this Country is to be Fixed it has to come from Mainstreet USA..not Congress or the White House, regardless of the governing Party whether they be Democrat, Republican,Independent ect..It was people in my area passing by my Store on their way to Walmart,Target, the Internet ect that made for a lousy Holiday Shopping Season,Not a republican or a Democrat.


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