Speak Out: Clarksburg is ‘Ground Zero’ in Retail Race. Is this Good?

How would you feel if Clarksburg were to become Montgomery County’s “next major shopping destination?"

For Clarksburg residents, the promise of suburban life should include a placeholder for shopping malls.

Retail developers are in negotiations to buy 40 acres of Clarksburg land from Adventist HealthCare, news outlets have reported.

Or as The Washington Post put it:

“The quiet community of Clarksburg has become ground zero in a battle to build Montgomery County’s next major shopping destination.”

(And this from The Gazette: “First, Bennigan’s arrived in Clarksburg. Malls may be next.”)

Simon Property Group, one of the former owners of Lakeforest Mall in Gaithersburg, would operate the retail complex, according to The Post.

Where it gets sticky, according to The Post, is that it could compete with another developer’s 100-acre project planned near Ten Mile Creek—Peterson Cos., the Fairfax, VA-based company that also owns Washingtonian Center in Gaithersburg. 

Montgomery County Council Vice President Craig Rice (D-Dist. 2), who is from Germantown, has told The Post and The Gazette that he thinks this is a good opportunity for Clarksburg.

Do you agree? Would it be a good thing if Clarksburg were to become “Montgomery County’s next major shopping destination?”

Please post your comments below.

Another Clarksburg Resident January 24, 2013 at 03:55 PM
I didn't move to Clarksburg to live in a "major shopping destination." At least now, there is still a little bit of quiet, rural country in the surrounding area. I suppose we need to pave all of that over to satisfy the up-county's need for materialism.
Fred Foo January 27, 2013 at 03:52 AM
The 'next' shopping destination is not in Clarksburg; it's online. Developers of retail destinations are going to take a bath as the number of physical stores that prosper will continually decrease.
Katie Rapp January 28, 2013 at 04:01 PM
Development there will impact Ten Mile Creek, which is lovely and special and probably not going to be that way for much longer. http://www.audubonnaturalist.org/index.php/conservation/ten-mile-creek
Ken Crowley February 09, 2013 at 08:40 PM
Why not revive Lakeforest Mall instead? It's already built, close to Clarksburg, and wouldn't be controversial.
Jason Wade February 10, 2013 at 02:14 PM
Yes Yes and more Yes....we need retail development to further spur and support the local Clarksburg/UpCounty community. We are very under-served with certain services. Im opening up a store in May to invest in my community.


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