Harrison's Patrick DiBuono Lands Role on Investigation Discovery TV Show

Patrick DiBuono. Photo credit: IMDB.com
Patrick DiBuono. Photo credit: IMDB.com
Harrison resident Patrick DiBuono, bitten by the acting bug after more than 30 years in corporate management and consulting, recently landed a supporting role in an episode of Investigation Discovery's new television series "The Perfect Murder."

DiBuono will appear in the episode "Death of a Prodigal Son," which is scheduled to air on Sunday, May 4, at 10 p.m. In the show, DiBuono plays a small town detective who must unravel a brutal homicide.  

Since deciding to pursue his dream of acting later in life, DiBuono has landed additional roles. He starred in an episode of Animal Planet’s "Monsters Inside Me," in which he plays a dad who becomes deranged after contracting a deadly brain fungus. And he was featured in an ESPN comedy spoof commercial playing The Fake Skip Bayless, alongside ESPN on-air celebrities Steven A. Smith and the real Skip Bayless.

“As a kid I was always a bit shy and acting seemed like a dream that was out of reach,” said DiBuono in a  statement. “But one day, I said what the heck. Why not have some fun and give it a try. So I enrolled in acting class and things just started rolling from there.”   

He added,  “I’m passionate about acting and hope to have a wonderful second career.” 


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