UPDATE: New Rochelle Lakes Closed to Skating

Daily inspections will determine suitability for skating.

2:15 p.m., Jan. 29, 2013: It was a nice thought while it lasted. The City of New Rochelle Parks and Recreation Department have announced that none of the city's lakes or ponds are suitable for ice skating. The city announced Monday that three were, but unseasonable temperatures put a crimp in that. With the highs Wednesday and Thursday predicted to be 57 and 45, respectively, it is likely to be a while before sufficient ice will form to make the lakes and ponds suitable for ice skating.


Jan. 28, 2013: Below-freezing temperatures have enabled three New Rochelle water bodies to be opened for ice skating.

Parks department personnel have inspected and designated Carpenters Pond, Paine Lake and South Lake at the high school as suitable for ice skating.

As of Monday, signs have been posted at the lakes and pond. Areas where skating is permitted are indicated by ropes and barricades.

Signs have been posted and areas where skating is permitted are designated by ropes and barricades.

Parks staff will update lake/pond status daily following inspections.

Skating is not permitted outside the designated areas or at any other city lake.

For further information, contact the New Rochelle Parks and Recreation Department at 914-654-2087.


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