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New Rochelle Heritage Awards Nominations Open

Properties will be acknowledged for their historical or architectural significance.

Once again, the New Rochelle Heritage Award program is set to recognize the buildings and places that exemplify the City's historical and cultural heritage. Nominations will be accepted through March 22.

Since 2007, over 20 new properties have been acknowledged for their historical or architectural significance. Any person, organization or business can nominate a property by filling and submitting a nomination form—with the owner's consent and signature—to City Hall for consideration.

Structures/properties must be at least 50 years old, must be within the City limits, and must not already be listed on the state or national historic place registers.

The property must also fit one or more of the following categories:

  • Residences older than 50 years that are significant to New Rochelle's history
  • Public or quasi-public structures (e.g., house of worship, home of an organization, etc.) older than 50 years that are significant to New Rochelle's history
  • Stellar restoration, residence
  • Stellar restoration, adaptive reuse
  • Home of nationally prominent individual
  • Significant architect or architectural style
  • Landscape or landscape feature (e.g. cemeteries, stone walls, signs; excepting gardens)

The New Rochelle Heritage Task Force takes into consideration the age, historical and cultural significance and preservation of the property. And if the property was renovated, "Before and After" improvements—especially when shown through pictures—are desirable.

Since this is a recognition program, there is no legal status change to the property, but the building will be the subject of discussion for the upcoming ceremony and will also have a plaque affixed to it.

“By raising public awareness about our past, we help ensure that historic charm remains a vital part of our future,” noted Mayor Noam Bramson. “The Heritage Awards help accomplish this goal by celebrating distinctive properties that reflect New Rochelle’s rich architectural history. And as this year marks the 325th Anniversary of our City’s founding, these awards are all the more meritorious.”

Guidelines and nomination forms are attached to this article and are available on the City’s Web site or at the mayor’s office in City Hall.


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