More Pelham Sandy Relief Team Trips This Week

The Pelham Sandy Relief Team plans more trips this week.

The Pelham Community Sandy Relief Team will be returning to areas hard hit by Hurricane Sandy this week. Small groups are planned for Tuesday and Thursday with larger trips on Saturday and Sunday.

If you would like to help with advance work or attend, the team needs you to contact them as soon as possible. Email: info@huguenotchurch.org.

Send an email including: Your name, email, cellphone number, which days and dates are best for you, what type of work you are able to perform, whether you are available for full day or half day and whether you can drive a car if needed.

Volunteers made a trip this weekend to Howard Beach that went well according to Louise Kelly of Huguenot Memorial Church. 

"Thanks to you all!" said Louise Kelly on behalf of the volunteer group. "The initial efforts of the PCSRT were an enormous success this past week thanks to all of your efforts."

Seven cars were filled with donated items and volunteers for Saturday's caravan. 

Kelly said almost all the items that were donated were accepted by the Relief Center at Howard Beach because donors followed the guidelines. "Thank you for heeding this list!" said Kelly. 

The donation list is fluid and based on what is needed on the ground. Before dropping off donations at the Huguenot Memorial Church Office, check into the church website or call for an updated list. Scroll down to see the list.

"At this time NO CLOTHING OR USED TOYS other than NEW winter costs, gloves, socks and adult underwear is needed. Foods, canned and nonperishable, juice boxes, baby supplies and flashlights are always needed," said Kelly. "Also if you can box your donations that greatly improves our ability to handle and load [them]. Donations will still be received at HMC please follow signage to the appropriate storage room."

The trip last Saturday included seven cars and 17 volunteers. There were also 6 volunteers from the Church of the Nazarene in New Rochelle.

Here's part of the Sandy Relief Team log for Saturday's trip:

"After loading up the cars, we were off first to St. Helens Church in Howard Beach to drop off all of the donated supplies and then headed to a Rockaways staging areas at 135th and Cronston. There the teams split up and were given several addresses to assist homeowners in the immediate area with clean up both interior and exterior.

We spent the balance of the day removing damaged material from the 6+ feet of water that had flooded these homes and moving the debris to the curb. We left the area at 4 p.m. and returned to Pelham."

TO GET ON THE MAILING LIST TO VOLUNTEER OR DONATE, PLEASE go to the Huguenot Church website at this link



Most Urgent Donation Needs – Clean-up efforts

  • Work gloves, face masks
  • Batteries, flashlights
  • Thick black contractor bags
  • Heavy-duty power and extension cords
  • Power strips
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Lights (to plug in)
  • Generators, water pumps (These all need to be CLEARLY marked so that we can distribute them easily and quickly.)

Most Urgent Donation Needs – Clothing needed

  • NEW Blankets, socks, NEW clean adult underwear, NEW jackets, hats, scarves, gloves/mittens, etc. are ALWAYS welcomed, but no other clothes can be accepted at this time!

Most Urgent Donation Needs – Medicine/First Aid Items

  • Baby cough medicine
  • Band-Aids
  • Neosporin
  • Ace bandages
  • Advil, Tylenol, aspirin

Please make sure the above are CLEARLY labeled in packets and we can start giving people band-aids and baby cough medicine.

Most Urgent Donation Needs – Personal Care Items

  • Razors
  • Toothpaste & brushes
  • Personal wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Deodorant
  • Most Urgent Donation Needs – Baby and Children Items:
  • Jars of baby food
  • Baby formula and bottles
  • Diapers
  • Baby wipes

Most Urgent Donation Needs – Food Items

  • Water
  • Orange, Apple - juiceboxes
  • Granola bars, canned goods, powdered milk
  • Jelly (have lots of peanut butter!)
  • Bread, soup
  • Pet food (including hamster food!)


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