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Fund Created for Howson Children

Friends, colleagues and neighbors wanting to help Theresa Gorski Howson's children have started a fund in her memory.

The funeral arrangements for Theresa Gorski were kept private, but a fund for her children is now being announced by those touched by this tragic story who wanted to help. 

Friends, colleagues, and neighbors have been deeply affected by Theresa's death and want to help in some way. With guidance from Pace University's Women's Justice Center, they have established a fund in Theresa's memory to help provide financial support for her two young daughters.

Donations can be sent directly to the:

Howson Children’s Fund

c/o Jo Anne Gorski

P. O. Box 4552

Danbury, CT 06813-4552

where condolences can also be sent. 

For your convenience, donations to the fund may also be made online at http://www.giveforward.com/howsonchildren, although please note the site takes a processing fee from each donation.

The fund is a nonprofit entity and donations would be tax-deductible.

Thank you for your love and support at this time.

Theresa Gorski was rushed to Phelps Memorial Hospital early morning Jan. 5 after her husband called Sleepy Hollow to report a domestic dispute. Emergency responders found her unresponsive after apparently being strangled. Gorski was taken off life support four days later. Her husband, Christopher Howson, has since been charged with second degree murder and first degree strangulation. The couple has two children, girls aged 5 and 8.

Jo Anne Gorski, Theresa’s sister, has taken in the children, reports a neighbor who is in regular contact with her lately. There is not a great deal of family on Gorski's side, the neighbor said.

“The children are the innocents here and they need our support,” this neighbor said. “While nothing we can do can bring back the loss they are experiencing, this is one small way we can repair the world, our community, and our neighborhood.  This is a good community with families who care about one another; I know people will find it in themselves to share what they can to send support to the girls in this way. While these children will leave our community now out of necessity, they will not leave our hearts and prayers.”


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