Day 8: 3K Still Waiting for Power

One Woodland Avenue resident is happy to see crews but still wants electricity restored as soon as possible.

The power to Regina Teran's Woodland Avenue home went out Oct. 29 as Hurricane Sandy was bearing down on the Sound Shore.

In the eight days since the lights went out, the New Rochelle resident has watched the fish in her tank die, the temperature in her home fall and her three children, who suffer from asthma, get sicker.

"I was going crazy trying to use batteries for the nebulizer treatment," Terna said, so they wouldn't cough.

"Now I'm going to see if one of my family members can take us in," she said.

Teran is one of 3,300 Con Edison customers who still are without electricity as of Tuesday afternoon.

So not surprisingly, she was happy to see electrical repair crews just a few houses down from hers in the blocked off intersection of Woodland Avenue and Circuit Road.

While Councilman Lou Trangucci, D-District 1, said he was told Woodland Avenue would have power restored by the end of the day Tuesday, the crewman Teran spoke with wasn't as encouraging. 

Two utility poles fell during the storm, likely due to a tree falling on the wires. Another pole leans toward the north and could pose a problem if the nor'easter Wednesday arrives as forecast.

"We have no heat, no hot water," Teran said. "We have waited for days."

She said that she works from home, which further complicates matters. 

"It's like a double whammy," Teran said.

And the last thing she said she needs was another storm.

"I need to have a sump pump working," Teran said, so there won't be more damage to her house.

Marbix0219 November 07, 2012 at 07:00 PM
I can tell you as a resident of Woodland Avenue, those workers are still just standing around and it's 2:00 pm on the following afternoon. It's 33 degrees outside and we have no power, no heat, no hot water... and New Rochelle & ConEd are happy to leave us all this way. Woodland Avenue was mentioned in the article written on the morning of the 30th, so if all of the "destruction" was known about then, why did it take until YESTERDAY for the trees & debris to be cleared off of the road? It's ridiculous. 64% of New Ro was without power. 3300 still remain without power. Woodland Avenue, Circuit Road & Liberty are 1700 of those 3300 without power. Why were we left until last?


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