Fox News v MSNBC

"Fox News v MSNBC" looks at the biased footage and comments made on both stations a day before the election.

To take the shine off the Presidential candidates, today's post looks at the differences between right-winged Fox News and extreme liberal MSNBC news.

By watching only a half hour of each channel on Monday Nov. 5, I took note of the biased material that was shown.

Let's start with Fox.

From 1:30-2:00 PM, America Live with Megyn Kelly was on. The issues discussed during this show included early voting in battleground states with a huge emphasis on Ohio and the supposed truths behind the Benghazi attack.

Kelly had two other males on the show with opposing views. Brad Blakeman, former deputy assistant to former President George W. Bush, represented the republican view while Dick Harpootlian, South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman, gave his liberal opinion.

"He ruled out of ideology instead of reality...Mr. President, what good is affordable healthcare if I don't have a job?" said Blakeman.

On the flip-side, Harpootlian began explaining the job growth under President Obama until Megyn Kelly interrupted him and said she didn't want to know that, "has Obama disappointed people?" she asked.

I'm not sure if that's a newsworthy question. It's already known that he's disappointed some Americans, but why choose to highlight that on your segment?

Harpootlian concluded by saying "Mitt Romney is all over the map, you don't know if he's pro-choice or pro-life. In the primary he's one person and in the general election he's someone else." Emphasizing why Obama should be trusted.

Adm James Lyons, retired military officer of the U.S NAVY, was told by Kelly that Obama's intuition behind the Benghazi attack of 9/11 was terrorism. Yet, on a CBS airing of 60 Minutes, the President said it was too early to tell. She questioned Lyons on what he thought.

Again, giving so much weight to negativity in Obama's direction. Why not give light to a good deed Romney did or something?

It's evident that Fox News portrays Romney positively and describes our current president as incompetent.

So, what's MSNBC about? 

From 2:00-2:30 PM, News Nation with Tamron Hall aired and also stressed early voting as well as which candidate will receive the majority of the Latino vote.

Like Megyn Kelly, Hall also had guests on her show. Michael Smerconish, MSNBC political analyst, Anne Kornblut, White House correspondent for The Washington Post and Chris Kofinis, a democratic strategist.

According to Smerconish, this election will be a popular vote contest. Romney exhibits passion, he said. But the President is the favorite. 

"I'm worried about people who are watching this and seeing the (early voting) lines on TV and think 'I'm not going to vote tomorrow, this looks like a hassle.'" he said.

Kornblut only said that early voting won't distinguish anything now. Tomorrow is when we will find everything out.

Kofinis believed Ohio has a good position for an early vote, "since the race is coming down to a hair."

He continued, "When you have an election that is this close, democrats have to be really focused and have to vote"

Maria Teresa Kumar, Executive Director of Voto Latino, said that the polls are under-reaching when determining the Latino vote.

Speaking about Romney, Kumar said, "If he addressed small business and education he'd be ahead in the poll for the Latino vote.

She also pointed out that Florida, a toss up state, has more registered democratic Latinos than Republicans for the Latino vote.

It's obvious that MSNBC is liberal by the content above and by optimistically talking about President Obama. However, they gave equal footage of both the candidates' campaigns as Election Day is a day away which I was not expecting.


Fun Fact: Before I was politically engaged, I was a Fox News girl. However, I am currently a devote CNN viewer :).

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