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Klassyzee June 20, 2014 at 05:33 pm
And AFTER paying for tow service. (two of us were there for my car) Sara said only one person couldRead More ride..if that's not bad customer service idk what is! HORRIBLE SERVICE they ONLY care abt their $$$$not your car.
Sarah July 4, 2014 at 08:39 am
I may be some things but a witch isn't one of them I rarely entertain comments posted on here but inRead More this instance it is completely warranted. This members vehicle was towed in by another facility when we initially checked it we already knew the car has a blown head gasket, the upper radiator hose has completely blown off the car. This was likely causes by lack of maintenance to the vehicle as the vehicle was in disrepair, shattered windshield, hanging bumpers and fenders , no oil etc. anyone who has been to our facility knows the we are very busy, however when this couple was towed in I dropped everything I was doing because I knew that they were stranded. I began calling auto part stores to see if I could located the hose as it was not common so we could put the hose on and test the system to be 200% positive as to head gasket damage. This couple sat in my office I offered them water food , and when the hose came in I removed vehicles who had appointments and put their car in the garage to repair or at least get a definitive answer. We installed the 300 hose on the car filled with antifreeze to discover the head gasket was in fact no good. The woman who owned the car became very nasty when I told her this, I provided her with a check out fee 89:95 to check the vehicle out I returned the hose so she didn't have to incur that charge , apparently this woman thought there was no charge at all. Apparently everyone is suppose to work for free, after she argued about that she proceeded to call aaa for a tow. Now anyone with an aaa membership knows that 65 dollars a year for a membership has it's limits, such as you get towed they will not authorize a second tow unless the place is unable to repair the vehicle. Now we are fully capable of changing a head gasket on any car, but the customer wanted me to lie and say we couldn't. What she doesn't understand is that when you say you can't fix a car and you are an aaa facility aaa wants to know why you can't. This woman was horrible you know the saying you can't please everyone well this doesn't apply no one not even her boyfriend could control her hostile and frankly ugly behavior. In addition aaa policy in connection with my business is that one passenger can ride in the towtruck, there is only one seatbelt. We so not transport more than one person unless that passenger is in a dangerous situation. This woman was not I offered to call her a cab, when she provides me with colorful choice words back. Gross that you bend. Over backwards to help someone and they act like this, not sure why you would bring your car to a mechanic if you had no money.
Cat Barker July 1, 2014 at 03:16 pm
I have been in the store before and the owner seemed like a half wit who had no patience for peopleRead More asking questions. Go with CST Kitchens in Yorktown, they at least take the time to go over options and get everything done correctly the first time around!
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